How to Repurpose a Cupboard Door

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Inside: How to repurpose a cupboard door and turn it into an outdoor serving tray with a faux mosaic tile look.

I am riding a DIY high right now. For two reasons. Number one, I’m still smitten with my last big furniture flip (if you haven’t seen it, you GOTTA SEE it.) And because today’s project holds drinks and cost me nothing. Zippo. Zilch. De nada. Today, I’m showing you how to repurpose a cupboard door into an outdoor tray with a faux mosaic tile look!

If you’re new here, you might want to check out my best tips for curbside picking, this incredible refinished vintage buffet and these spray painted lamps I picked up at a yard sale! I’m a big fan of turning trash to treasure.repurpose cupboard door into serving tray

How to repurpose a cupboard door

Okay – so essentially, we had these cupboard doors left from our kitchen cabinets turned laundry cabinets turned playroom hanging shelf – and they were destined for the trash pile.

I removed the hinges and hardware then filled the holes with paintable wood filler. First I gave it two coats of white chalk paint just using a plain old bristle brush.

Then I penciled in a 1-inch grid on the inner panel and used four sea glass coloured acrylic paints to fill them in. I loosely followed the grid lines, starting with the darkest blue-green I had and working my way to the lightest sea foam colour. I randomly painted squares and then mixed colours to fill in the final spaces.

Too Long Didn’t Read: It’s a random pattern basically of mixed paint colours LOL (AND can we talk about the fact that it took me a week to notice my actual camera is in these shots. Whoa. Mom brain or what.)

Then I sealed it right up with some natural wax and reattached the hardware on the other sides. I spray painted it with Krylon’s Stainless Steel finish for some extra shine.

And voila! A new-to-me tray for ZERO DOLLARS! πŸ˜€ Speaking of zero dollars, I’m still working my way through our Family and Finance series. I’ve sorta challenged myself to spend as little as possible for the month of July. Let’s see how I do. Either way, this Zero Spend Challenge fits right in!

I really like how this project turned out. It was such a fluke because I did it on a whim – but a lot of the times, those projects are the best ones. Of course, moments after I took these photos, the skies opened and I had to rush around putting the cushions away! lol

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