I turned One old Cabinet into THREE Home Decor Projects!

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I’m taking a little break from doing big projects on the blog this week, so it’s the ideal time to dig in and show you some stuff you might have missed. In this case, I’m admitting that I was SO THRIFTY over the last few months that I managed to turn one old cabinet into three home decor projects!! Keen readers and observers will have noticed – maybe? I dunno.

I totally believe in using something to it’s fullest potential – which seems to fly in the face of my ‘get rid of stuff’ mantra…. ummmm…. haha I guess what I’m saying is that if you can use the entire object – USE IT! Kinda like farmers, you know? They like to use the entire animal or the whole wheat plant or whatever. Waste not, want not.

In this case, I used my old kitchen cabinet!

Let’s go on this journey, shall we?

Here it is in the kitchen when we moved in. (YIKES!) (If you want to see the kitchen now, head to our Pre-Baby Home Tour!)

The specific cabinet I used was one of the ones hanging beside the window. I don’t know which one I used entirely. They are slightly different sizes. They both came down and hung in our laundry room for a few years. (Which incidentally looked like THAT when we first moved in !!! (SCREAMS)

When we finally decided to tackle the laundry room, we knew the cabinets had to go. They didn’t fit anything anyway. The shelves were too short for laundry detergent and they were too shallow for me to reach over the appliances… or maybe I’m too short?!  Either way, after a couple years hanging out in here, down they came. 

PROJECT ONE: Turn old kitchen cabinets into PLAYROOM STORAGE!

Yes! We removed the doors, rebuilt the faces and added a ‘faux’ top to one of the cabinets and re-hung them vertically in our playroom. The playroom/family room is a very very odd layout and these oddly sized cabinets fit right in 😛 You can see the entire post with the tutorial and sources here.

PROJECT TWO: Use the Old Cabinet Doors to Make a Chic Outdoor Serving Tray

After we rehung the cabinets themselves, we still had the old doors and faces leftover. I didn’t use BOTH doors, but I used one of them to make a new DIY serving tray. I repurposed the pulls from both doors with spray paint and mounted them to the short ends of the cabinet. I painted them and added a mosaic design and done! You can see the full post with sources and details on how I made this DIY Mosaic Tile Serving Tray here.

PROJECT THREE: DIY Burlap Ribbon Memo Boards from Old Cabinet Frames

Lastly, I still had the old face frames from the cabinets left over. They were in rough shape, but were still quite solid – so I hung onto them knowing they’d make something cool for the wall. When our Monthly DIY Challenge item was Burlap Ribbon, I KNEW it was time to give these frames their final hoorah. I turned them into DIY Memo Boards! You can see the full post where I turned them into Hanging Memo Boards here.

In the end, I think those cabinets had a great life, don’t you? We use the tray in the living room all the time now, the playroom storage unit houses all of LBs play blankets and books and the memo boards hold family photos. So much better than just sending those cabinets to the dump!


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