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How to Use Colour in a Gallery Wall {$100 Room Makeover Challenge Week 3}

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It’s Week 3 of the $100 Room Makeover Challenge which means I’m into the home stretch of our mini living room makeover! This week, I focused my attention on the wall behind our couch and today I figured I’d show you how to use colour in a gallery wall.

In case you missed the start of this challenge – it runs each Wednesday in July and bloggers are challenged to make over a space spending no more than $100! At this point, I might come in UNDER budget… but we’ll have to wait another week to see how it all shakes out.

If you’re just hopping into the series now:

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This is what the gallery wall looked like before. There wasn’t really anything wrong with it – it just seemed sorta ‘blah’ to me. I was tired of those starburst mirrors and I wanted something much more colourful and ‘me’. 

Here’s what I decided to keep:

I mentioned in Week One that I was hoping to add colourful graphic art to the space. At first, I had every intention of making some myself. I even spent $18 on supplies (cries*) and then decided it just wasn’t the right fit for this space. I didn’t scrap my art plans – I think I might give it a go for our dining room or maybe my home office – but I decided I needed to change plans for this particular room. 

Then we were at HomeSense and I spotted this gorgeous, colourful, succulent print. It was JUST the right vibe for my living room. 

The succulents are kind of graphic in shape, but they are soft and add an nice textured element to the room. The piece also has ALL the colours I love and want to use throughout the entire main floor! Navy, green, aqua, sage, teal, browns, blacks and a hit of pink. Yep. Had to have this painting. (Here is a great selection of succulent artwork if you’re keen!)

I used it to anchor my new gallery wall!

One other thing I needed to do was simplify – as in – not have so much stuff. So instead of hanging more pieces on the wall, I offset the hanging gallery with some colourful design books perched on our fauxdenza. 

They add great balance to the succulent painting above and they also achieve colour without being too ‘in your face’.

I finished off the gallery with the geometric watercolour prints and the memo board I made for this month’s DIY Challenge. I’m not sure it’ll stay there – but the colour and scale is bang on…and I’m digging the vibe for now. 

I moved the mirror that use to be there to the bottom of the main stairs. I’m unsure if I’ll put anything between it and the gallery wall. I just don’t know. Part of me thinks a small set of wall shelves could work – but I don’t want it to look too busy.

Now that I see this gallery wall (and I love it) I’m thinking I might have to abandon my plans for the hanging mug rack too. In the end, I think less will be more.


Here’s everyone else’s Week Three!

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