How to Wow your Walls with Wonderful Colorful Driftwood Canvas Art

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Hi Everyone! I’m super pumped to be back today for another Monthly DIY Challenge! This month’s theme is “Canvas” and we were all challenged to do something fun and original with a plain art canvas of any size.

Here are the supplies I used to create my colourful driftwood canvas art:


The whole idea behind the Monthly Challenge is we pick one item and then a bunch of us bloggers make something with it and blog about it on the Second Wednesday of every month. Last month, our theme was “Metallic”. Today I’m here to show you –

How to Wow your Walls with Wonderful Colorful Driftwood Canvas Art

Nautical Canvas Supplies

Use your painter’s tape to create stripes on your canvas and then paint away. I measured to make sure my driftwood pieces would basically fit.How to Make Driftwood Art

Then paint it blue with your foam brush and let it dry. I like how it sort of looks like denim with the texture of the canvas.

The next step is to measure and pierce holes in the canvas so you can affix your driftwood. I didn’t really measure because each piece of wood was different. So I just eyeballed it. Then I cut pieces of sisal rope about 6″ long and fed them through the holes.How to attach driftwood to a canvas

Slide your driftwood into the rope loops, pull it taught and then tie them tightly in the back of the canvas. You’re done!Make your own Driftwood Canvas

You might have noticed this piece as part of the gallery wall above our new fauxdenza. I’m really happy with how it’s graphic and textured and fits with our modern beach house theme.

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