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12 Incredible and Colourful Arm Chairs to Jump you out of Neutral

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It was a rainy weekend here and all I could think about was that I wanted to get moving on my office renovation and keep digging into my quest to add more colour to our home. If you saw my IG Stories last week, you’ll know our new purple love seat finally arrived. And with it, a bright teal chair for my office! I didn’t really talk much about the chair as it was an add-on purchase and I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it, but I think it’s just what the room needs. 

With all that said, I figured I’d round up 12 incredible colourful arm chairs in case you’re feeling like you need inspiration to jump out of neutral like I did. I know colour can be scary. Trust me, I was scared for FOUR years. But all indications are that it’s coming back and people are starting to embrace a natural state of hues – at least in home decor, again. A pop of colour with an arm chair can be the perfect foray out of a neutral canvas. Plus, the styles of arm chairs are SO incredible these days.

As for my office? Well, I’ve made hard decision to get rid of my Ikea Pax wardrobe shelves. One year later and they are SO WARPED I can’t even stand to look at them. It literally looks like they’ve been left out in the rain. I’ve never had this happen with IKEA furniture before, but my good friend who’s a contractor told me the MDF is cheap and couldn’t handle the moisture in the air at our house being that we are so close to the water. (Which duh, makes sense! But still feels like a big fat waste.)

The good news about the office moving forward is it’s given us clarity on a longstanding project in the living room. All will be revealed (we’re starting the heavy duty work this coming Friday, so watch Instagram!) and I’m thinking we can have the bulk of the work finished before Canadian Thanksgiving!

Without further ado, here are my top picks for colourful arm chairs. I found all of these on Amazon! (And if you’re shopping in Canada, my trick is to copy the product name and search the .ca and/or search on for the same product as they often double up!)

I’ll be back next week with HOPEFULLY an update on the situation in the office. I won’t be pretty – but demo posts are always fun to write!


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