9 Awesome DIY Paint Projects for You to Try


You guys! How do you like our new site?!? πŸ˜€ We will continue to tweak things moving forward so you might start to see some minor changes here and there. We are so grateful for all the wonderful comments from you. This website ‘move’ was almost as stressful as the house move!

Speaking of comments, we actually seem to have lost a lot of those in the transition. πŸ™ So we’d love if you could boost our comment love going forward *shameless ask*. Anyway – we thought we’d celebrate our move with one of the things we love most!

T’is the season to get painting. Today, we are sharing 9 Awesome DIY Paint Projects for you to try this weekend!Β 

In our house, summer means we can dust off some old pieces of tired furniture, haul them out onto the deck and turn them into something new over the course of an afternoon. In fact, about every other summer weekend in the DIY Passion house is spent hanging out in the yard, drinking the occasional mimosa, reading magazines, dancing to some good ol’ fashioned blues (even though the neighbours can see us ) and painting stuff.

So we thought we’d round-up a handful of paint projects to give you some fabulous summertime inspiration all in one place πŸ™‚

All the links are below and you can visit each (new!) post and leave your comments too!Β 9 DIY Paint Projects for you to tryFrom top left:

Love you all!

We are on vacation this week and next and will be working behind the scenes on bloggy stuff – so have a Happy Canada Day! And we’ll chat with you soon πŸ™‚

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