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Inside: An incredible transformation and furniture flip – how to turn an old bedroom dresser into a media cabinet or console with a bright pop of colour; plus, how to paint over chipped veneer.

Ah! I’m super pumped about today’s project post! It’s been a while since I’ve done a true furniture flip, and I’m extra excited that today’s before and after is sponsored by one of my favourite Canadian companies, The FAT Paint Company and that it’s our Monthly DIY Challenge! That means, there are 12 other fabulous makeovers linked in this post to get you inspired for your next furniture flip…

Meantime, if this is your first time here, you should check out some of my other furniture flips and tips for refinishing thrifted pieces. My vintage buffer makeover is a stunner and it required me to actually remove veneer from the piece – whereas today’s project is about covering up chipped veneer. I’ve also got some fabulous tips for how to get that thrift store smell out of furniture before you refinish it.

turn a dresser into a media console

Supplies for turning a dresser into a media cabinet

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How to turn a dresser into a media cabinet

This was my piece before. Oh dear… haha! I know, right? We found it on Kijiji for a cool $125 a couple of years ago. It’s really big and REALLY heavy. When we made over our bedroom, I thought about keeping it and decided it just wasn’t the right vibe for that space. We were going to get rid of it – but then it occurred to use that it could work well as a media console while the playroom/family room is in transition.

I like that it has drawers to hide DVDs and video games and the side compartments are great for extra blankets, and LBs toys and baskets. Win!

Why I paint furniture with bold colours

Okay – so here’s where you might laugh. I was in the mood to be BOLD. I’ve just felt lately that I’ve been playing it safe with some of my projects, so with this one – seeing as it’s in the playroom – I challenged myself to move just outside of my own comfort zone. I decided to paint this piece with TFPC’s Blushing Bombshell!! In other words – a luscious, deep, multi-faceted PINK!!!

Here was my rationale. This is a colour I would wear. In fact, I have a blazer that is a very similar colour and I often refer to it as my ‘power coat’ – so I know deep inside of me, I love bright pink. Also – it’s a playroom! Where else in my house and in my life can I feel totally fine with a bright pink credenza?

Preparing a thrifted piece of furniture for paint

First things first – I did the necessary prep – removed the hardware, cleaned the piece well.

Then – I went rogue LOL. The top was really damaged…and was not real wood. I knew covering the damage would be hard and I really didn’t like the shape of the top anyway. When I was taking off the doors, I realized the top was just held on with screws…..sooooo OFF IT CAME! I figured I could come up with a new solution for a nice, updated top.

Then I gave the whole thing two good coats of primer. With TFPC paint, you don’t always need primer, but if you’re painting over a dark piece or a piece that has some gloss to it, primer is a good first step.

I’ve talked about my love for this paint before. Nothing has changed. In all honesty, it’s a fantastic product to use whether you are a pro at painting furniture or a novice. The price point is also extremely reasonable IMHO considering the quality of the product.

I will admit, as I was making this piece over, I didn’t really have an end vision in mind. I knew I didn’t just want to paint it, but that I wanted to give it a little more character. This challenge evolved over time 🙂

I ended painting the cabinet sides and bottom trim bright white. Then the drawers got two coats of Blushing Bombshell. I sanded lightly between coats and used an angle brush. I let it dry overnight and then gave the drawers protection with Natural FAT Wax. I have never had really good luck with wax before, but this time – it went on really well. Instead of using a wax brush, I used a lint free cloth and just rubbed it on in a circular motion. No streaks or discolouration or anything!

I bought some quarter round and 1x8s to recreate the top and then realized I didn’t want to add another texture to this piece. White plus pink plus wood tone is a lot for any piece of furniture. The thought of having to add in metal pulls was just something I couldn’t wrap my head around. Soooooooo…..I created my own custom pulls out of maple boards! I ripped them down to 1 inch strips, stained them Natural Oak to match the top and then used nuts and bolts to attach them.


Having this piece complete has given me the itch to get going on fixing up this playroom. We have way too much stuff in here. Part of the problem is we’re keeping our day bed and twin mattress.

We thought it would transition to LB’s bed once she’s out of a crib. But I just keep thinking it might be time to part with it and buy LB a new one when the time comes. We shall see. Little by little, this room is taking shape.

And this credenza is now a show stopper FOR SURE!!

Yeah!! Okay – here are all the other FATabulous, inFATuating projects to see! (<– See what I did there hehe) Check them out and don’t forget to enter the raffle to win a FAT Paint starter kit for you!


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