How White Paint Can Solve almost every Decor Mistake


This is a post all about a table that has really had a rough go of it, as far as tables are concerned. And it’s a little bit about How White Paint Can Solve almost every Decor Mistake!How White Paint Can Solve almost Any Decor Mistake!

You see, we’ve had this solid wood, drop-leaf table since we first started dating. In fact, Dan took it on as one of his first ever refinishing jobs. It turned out alright, but the varnish turned a bit milky and then I (full disclosure) splotched paint on it in an overzealous moment at our old condo. We hid the paint splatter for months with a placemat.

THEN – for some GOD UNKNOWN reason, I thought painting it brilliant, blinding, yellow would make it better. Seriously, you guys. Why didn’t someone suggest I get my head checked? It was terrible. Nevertheless, the table served us well as an outdoor dining spot. But doing that damaged it and resulted in stains and marks that would never come off.Drop Leaf Table BEFORE up close

So here we are. Sad, sad, table with hidden beauty beneath. I’m so sorry, table. You seem to have been on the receiving end of all of our weird DIY fails. Let’s make it better, k?Drop leaf Table BEFORE

With my new office being established upstairs, I knew I could turn this sweet table into an awesome vanity/desk!

We ordered a quart of Lunch At Tiffany’s from PARA Paints.* You guys. I’m in love with this colour. It’s the perfect blend of antique white with a hint of grey- blue.Vintage Table with Modern DIY Finish

I used a high-pile small roller to get optimal results from the paint – which is formulated especially for furniture. I even used the roller on the scrolled legs and just touched them up with a 1.5 inch flat bristle brush.Table Makeover with White

Obviously, you can see here, that I’ve staged my vanity NOT in my new space. Why? Because right now that space is STILL full of sawdust and excitement and I want to get a few more things done in there before I show you anymore.  🙂 We’ve already shown you the work on the closet though!Update a Vanity Table with Crisp White Paint

I also deliberately left the leaves off the table this time – it’s just so much more comfortable to sit in a desk chair without a table leaf.


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