The Ultimate Mint and Metallic Trash to Treasure


Inside: Updating thrifted tables with balsa wood, fabric and bright mint coloured paint; also how to use furniture tacks as decorative embellishment. 

I am beyond excited about this little makeover. It’s quite possibly my favourite thing when the universe speaks and a plan comes together. I found these tables on the side of the road one day – they are solid wood and weren’t in terrible shape. And let’s be real, when have you ever known me to pass up free solid wood furniture? πŸ˜‰

I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, but once I got them home and cleaned them up a bit, I was delighted to discover how well they suited our sunroom. I knew eventually, I was going to want to spiff them up with some colour and detail – and that day came when we were blasted by a big snow storm, I was on vacation and as I rooted though my paint stash – one called Knitted Mittens by Para Paints started to call my name.

And there began my ULTIMATE Mint and Metallic Trash to Treasure Makeover Mint Tables BEFORE

One table was in better shape than the other, but some sanding and a little buff with Orange Glo and the tables were ready to be primed.Damaged Veneer I won’t go through all my steps for painting furniture with latex, because I’ve outlined all my best tips in this other post! Safe to say, it is actually one of my favourite ways to update simple items of furniture.

A few coats of Knitted Mittens and then it was time to amp up the detail. It seemed to me that the previous owners had tacked on the top piece to create the cubby. I tried to use the cubby for magazines – but it was too deep and awkward to reach into. So, I just decided to cover up the cubby πŸ˜›Mint and Metal Tables Supplies

I cut some balsa wood to size and wrapped it in this gorgeous grey and white trellis patterned fabric from Tonic Living. And to affix it to the table fronts, I used sweet little hammered metallic upholstery tacks.

Then I slid my tables back into place in the sunroom, flanking our (now quite aged) white slipcovered Ikea couch.Sunroom in the Winter

I topped them with my $1 yard sale lamps (yes – I am proud of that price tag!), some thrifted pots with greenery and a couple pops of decor. Mint and Metal TableI was a bit worried about the way the trellis would interplay with the bold plaid on our ottoman – but I really like the way they work for the winter. How to mix patternsI might do something crazy and update the ottoman top for the spring – but for now, this little spot is just right.Studded Table with Fabric

I’m not sure what I will flip next. I do have a solid wood desk buried in our backyard shed that I dragged home from the curb last summer. Reclaim a table with paint and fabricMaybe if the weather is good, I’ll ask Dan to help me bring it inside. Mint green table with metallic accentsWith some of the changes happening in the living room, I’m starting to feel like this sunroom would be the perfect spot for me to move my little office area. All in good time, right? πŸ˜€

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