The Newest, Oldest, Cutest Little Desk on the Block


I’d like you to meet someone. She was abandoned, lonely, sad and left for trash on the side of our little suburban street.  *Sniff*Little Office Desk BEFORE

I just couldn’t let her live our her last days that way. So I dragged her home… and committed to doing her up all sweet and lovely some day. I think I need to start my own chapter of Furniture Rescuers Anonymous.Cosmetic Damage on top

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Newest, Oldest, Cutest Little Desk on the Block!Curb Side Find transformed with Grey Chalk Paint and Vintage Knobs

 The hardware on this desk was a little difficult. Even after taking the screws out, they wouldn’t come off. It actually appeared they had been glued on. I used some paint thinner and a small paint brush around them and then was able to pry them off after I let it sit for a while.Vintage Knobs on a Grey Chalk Painted Desk

For colour, I turned to Greysful by The FAT Paint Company. It’s part of their new Amanda Forrest line of colours and it is a lovely, lovely hue.Desk Drawers lined with Gold Polka Dots

For hardware, I used Cynthia Rowley pulls I got in the clearance aisle at HomeSense. Here are some that are very similar in case you’re interested!

And for a little fun, I painted up the drawer sides in Knitted Mittens to match my little Mint and Metal Tables and then lined them with really fun Gold Polka Dot specialty paper from Hazel & Ruby.Make your own Drawer Liners

I’ve taken pics of this desk against the long wall in our sunroom – BUT, I will share with you that I am actually migrating my office into this room!! I love love love my blogging office/dressing room, but I found I was always craving the flood of sunlight in this room.Desk Transformation with Grey, Mint and Polka Dots

I really like to work in the mornings and after work hours in a place where I can be closer to Dan. He likes to be in the kitchen, which is only five feet from this room. So very soon – I’m hoping in the next month or so, I will show you the new office nook I’ve created in our sunroom!

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