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I know, I know! You’re like, only Erin would have a blog project with a title like this ๐Ÿ˜‰ Buckle up, buttercups! I’m WAY too obsessed with repurposing and re-using, don’t you think?

Seriously. Never leave me alone with a pile of giveaway furniture and a power drill. Dan was barbequing our supper on the deck, and in the eight minutes it took him to grill our kebabs, I had completely disassembled our old farm house coffee table. He was like ‘GIRL! What are you up to now?!” haha

We’d had the coffee table for years. It was purchased at a flea market for next to nothing. And with some of the changes and swaps we’re making ahead of the baby, it had to go. But one look and I knew I could repurpose parts of it.

I knew I could figure out how to repurpose a table into wall art!!

Here’s the table…when it was a table.


Later this month we will be participating in a Waterside Home Tour (eeek!) and so I’ve been trying to add in a few more coastal touches to our decor in advance of those photo shoots. The bottom of the table (to me) looked just like a dock! So a few loose screws here and little tugging there and I’d removed it completely from the old rickety table.

Barnboard Art Before

I wanted it to add some height, drama and whimsy to the new fauxdenza display, so I first propped it up to make sure I was right about the scale. Bang on! It is totally going to work! But it’s a yucky brown and totally lacks the modern coastal vibe we want in our space. Whomp whomp.

First thing I did was sand it down to see if I could pull out a bit more of the wood grain. I had used diluted brown paint on it, so it didn’t distress like stain, but definitely took the edge off a bit.

Then I hit up my Silhouette Studio software to design some song lyric lettering. My table piece wasn’t quite 4 feet by 2 feet, so I made sure to scale my lettering to an appropriate size. Then I just cut it out of basic vinyl and stuck it onto my sanded down table piece.Add vinyl lettering with a Silhouette

Now for the fun part! The personality and colour. I selected some of my most luscious shades of grey-blue paints. I started with the darkest color first, doing a dry brush coat, let it dry and then layered on the lighter colors until I had a textured, tonal look.Use Chalk Paint over Vinyl Letters

Blend Chalk paint over vinyl letteringI removed my vinyl lettering ever so carefully to reveal the darker colour beneath. Then I gave it a hefty sanding to distress it and remove some of the more obvious brush strokes. The final step was to give the entire board a clear coat and then rub it down with white glaze.Song Lyric art work

How to turn a table into wall art

Now it’s propped up on our fauxdenza cabinet in our living room and I love how simple it is…Make your own barn board sign art

Large Scale Barn Board Leaning art

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