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My Honest Saman Wood Stain Review (2021)

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Inside: A DIYers Saman stain review; Saman wood stain compared to Minwax; plus tips on using the right stain applicator, Saman water based stains, oil based stains and gel stains.

saman wood stain review

I love finding new-to-me products to test and try out and so when we decided to spruce up our living room and add in some floating shelves, I thought it was a great opportunity to test out Saman Wood Stain and see how it compares to other wood stains I’ve used. 

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My initial reaction to Saman Wood Stain

saman stain - full review of the wood stain and water based saman stain
Saman stain – full wood stain product review –

This seems weird but I love the packaging of Saman Wood Stain. I really like that the bottle of stain is easy to hold in one hand and fits easily on a shelf without taking up too much space.

I also appreciate that it’s a plastic container, which means when it’s empty, I can recycle it. (I’m a big fan of recycling FYI.)

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Benefits to Saman Wood Stain

Benefits to Saman Wood Stain

Biggest Benefit of Saman Water based stain

The big benefit of this stain is that this is a water-based stain. What does that mean?

It means it has a much lower drying time than other oil-based stains and it offers easier clean-up because you can simply use soap and water. 

Water-based stains tend to have very little odor and I was able to use it indoors with my studio door propped open no problem. The end shelves had very little off-gassing and I was able to hang them within a day of staining. 

I was pleasantly pleased with the consistency of this stain too. I was kind of expecting it to be overly watery, but it had great colour saturation and it was just liquid enough that it spread evenly over the wood. 

In terms of the color and tone, we picked Colonial which is perfection. In fact, I think it is now my new favorite stain color!

I’m considered re-staining the top of my Office Credenza with this stain because I love it so much!

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Saman Water based Stain vs. Oil-based Stain

Other differences between Water-based Stain vs. Oil-based Stain

Water-based stain characteristics

I have used A LOT of wood stain in my time as a DIYer. I’m always sceptical about water based products because I worry they won’t wear well. I can tell you that after nearly three years, these shelf boards (now repurposed into our master bedroom) are going stronger than ever.

Here’s what water based stains ACTUALLY mean (it has no bearing on how long it lasts or durability!)

  • water-based stain has a dry time of about 30-90 minutes
  • water-based stain typically requires a top coat to seal it
  • water-based stain might cause the wood grain to rise (you can see that in the photo below – but I like that look)

water based wood stain results

Oil-based stain characteristics

Versus the traditional oil based stains – like the Minwax stain wipes, I always used to use. Listen, I love the convenience of the stain wipes – but in the end, they aren’t as environmentally friendly and can leave a really streaky finish that is hard to control.

Oil based stains still have a place in your DIY cupboard, but it’s good to understand the differences.

  • oil-based stain will have a much longer dry time (typically 48-72 hours)
  • oil-based stain doesn’t always require a top coat
  • oil-based stain tends to have a stronger odor
  • oil-based stain requires mineral spirits or turpentine to clean up

How easy is Saman Wood Stain to use and apply? 

Water-based stain characteristics

Two words – very easy. Until now, I’d been obsessed with Minwax Stain Cloths for quick projects like my DIY Tablet stand and while I still love them, I think this Saman Stain is giving it a real run for its money. 

I purchased the application kit from Saman along with the small bottle of interior wood stain just to see how easy it would be for a first time user who didn’t necessarily have all the supplies on hand that I do in my studio. – Check prices here

I think the quality of the gloves that come with this kit is INCREDIBLE and far superior to the gloves that come with the Minwax wipes. 

Once you have the wipes, you can use them in these other DIY projects using Minwax stain cloths.

The sponge applicator was enough to do my three 36″ shelves and it likely would have held up to a couple more.

The cloth wipes that came in the kit were little more than paper towels, but they were handy for cleaning up the drips from the bottle.

All in all, you could save a few dollars and use good latex gloves and cut a kitchen sponge to make your own kit, but for sake of convenience, this kit was okay. 

Exactly how to apply Saman Wood Stain

How easy is Saman Wood Stain to use and apply?

I tested two ways of applying Saman wood stain. The first time, I followed the instructions on the bottle exactly. I added the stain to the sponge and then wiped it onto the pine boards following the grain of the wood.

The second time, I poured the stain directly onto the wood and then wiped it with the sponge. The first way was better LOL, so if you’re using a water-based product like this, use that method. 

Starting with the stain on the sponge gave me a lot more control over the saturation and difference in the tones. 

On top, you can use it also for smaller projects such as this DIY wood shim wreath with paper flowers.

Overall, I think this is a fabulous product and I will be purchasing it again! 

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Overview of the best Saman stain colours

I am super impressed at the colour chart for these stains. I love that the water base gives options for stain COLOURS like reds and blues.

Here’s a look at the Saman wood stain colour charts. (Note: the colour we used in this product review is Colonial in the second picture)

Colours available in Saman stain colour chart
Saman wood stain colour chart
Saman Wood stain product shot

Saman water-based stains are ideal for all kinds of doors, interior woodwork, moldings and cabinets.

Whether you want to paint the doors of your home in dark walnut or the cupboards in Mauve, the brand has all of them available. Saman stain colors are ideal for fine wood that do not need any conditioning. Apply only one coat.

The stain does not raise any wood grain after use.

Each unit of Saman water-based stain for fine wood weighs 14.4 ounces and gives a coverage of approximately 75 square feet per 12 ounces. It is available in a total of 41 different colors.

Some popular colors include:

• Amaretto: Amaretto Saman stain is a mid-toned muted copper ideal for dining tables and, beds.
• American Walnut: It is ideal for furniture, countertops, flooring, and live-edge tables.
• Antique Walnut: Add vintage colors to the furniture to add depth and complexity.
• Azure: It is a bright, cyan-blue color that symbolizes a clear sky.
• Black: Black Saman interior water-based stain offers a bold and classy look.
• Brandy: Brandy is the dark shade of red perfect for the intense theme.
• Canadian Maple: Red color resembling the color of a Canadian maple leaf.
• Cappuccino: Add depth to furniture with this lighter shade of brown.
• Castle Stone: Update kitchen base cabinets with deep olive green color.
• Chamois: It is yellow/brown coat and has a bright feel.
• Cherry: Color of blossom and spring.
• Chocolate: Ideal for dining and dressing tables.
• Clay: It adds matt feel to the wood you apply it to.
• Cognac: Royal Purple, ideal for cabinets.
• Colonial: Earth tones, suitable for every wood.
• Dark Oak: Old brown wood texture.
• Dark Walnut: Adds finish to furniture.
• Eggplant: Royal purple, ideal for all woods.
• Emerald: Variant of green, use it for drawers.
• Forest: Dark green, adds geometry.
• Golden Wheat: Ideal for large spaces.
• Hop: Made for all woodwork.
• Iron Earth: Yellow/ Deep orange color
• Lime: Yellow-Green shade
• Mahogany: Reddish-brown colour
• Mauve: Pale-bluish Purple
• Navy: Deep-blue
• Olive: Deep-green, ideal for gates.
• Paprika: Red-orange, ideal for all woods.
• Prune: Color of dry-plums
• Raspberry: Bright color, ideal for bedroom cabinets.

What others say: Saman water-based stain Reviews

Saman water-based stains are popular among the customers because it is ideal for all types of the interior woodwork. Colour the doors, furniture, cabinets in your home with Saman wood finish stains.

The stain offers coverage of 12 ounces for 75 inches. Saman water-based stains are safe for the planet, safe for skin, and are odorless. It is popular among the customers because it does not raise wood grain, overlapping marks, and only needs one coat.

It is also safe for pets. The product has got impressive reviews and 4.5 stars rating from more than one thousand customers. Have a look at some of them.

Some say that they got amazing quality on the first-ever use and that the product did not leave any streaks and has been incredibly easy to wash.

The color drops on the floor did not leave any stain even after one hour and he was able to wipe it easily with water.

Many reviews highlight that they are truly impressed by the product and he says that it is odorless; so it was convenient to apply it indoors.

Another buyer says that it was her first time with stains and it was easy to use. She says that the product was awesome and had enough quantity to gain the required effect.

For another customer, the product was easy to apply and it dried easily. He says that with reasonable care, the paint does not appear uneven. He tried and mixed different colors to achieve the expected results.

Browse the online platforms if you are wondering where to buy Saman stains and you can get different color variations.

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Short FAQ about Saman Wood Stain

How to apply Saman stain?

Saman wood stain is very easy to apply. You only need to apply a very small quantity of wood stain on a sponge or a foam brush. When applying, make sur to work in direction of the grain of the wood. Excessive stain should be wiped up with a lint free cloth.

Where to buy Saman wood stain?

You can buy Saman wood stain on Amazon.

What’s the best way to stain a pinewood table?

The best way to stain a pinewood table is by brushing a small quantity of wood stain on the tabletop. Make sure to keep a wet edge, it’s just as if you’d be painting! Then, let the wood stain sit for 5 minutes. take an old rag and buff the stain into the wood and remove the stain that’s leftover.

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