How we completely updated our kitchen for less than $1200

Inside: Simply DIY kitchen updates that make a big impact; including how to paint oak…

How to Install Smart Tile Peel and Stick Subway Tiles

Inside: Tips for how to use Smart Tiles to update a back splash in one…

small kitchen organizing ideas

How to Live with a Small Kitchen Without Doing a Major Renovation

Inside: Tips for how to live with a small kitchen without doing a major renovation;…

Thrift Store Treasure! A DIY Vintage Industrial Mug Rack

Have you ever wanted a cool decor item but not wanted to actually buy one? lol…

How to DIY A Herringbone Back Splash |Throwback Thursday Tutorial

Oh yeah! You asked! So we’re answering 🙂 *Do a little Dance* …. BECAUSE it’s…

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly | Our DIY Kitchen One Year Later

Inside: After one year in our DIY Kitchen, I explain how things are holding up;…

Installing a bead board back splash

How we installed our Bead Board Back Splash

Inside: A fast and affordable DIY kitchen update; how to install a bead board back…

The Kitchen Makeover Reveal

We started this kitchen project so long ago, it’s hard to believe the day has actually arrived where we can show you the results.

DIY Kitchen Basket Shelf (or how to use all the space you have)

Heya folks! Dan here. Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I’ve been busy working…

DIY Herringbone Wood Shim Backsplash: A glimpse of the kitchen

Make your own Herringbone Back Splash accent wall That’s right folks, you read that correctly!…

How to Build a Pull Out Pantry

Inside: A tutorial for how to build a solid pull out pantry that fits in…

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