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How to make a no sew slipcover in less than an hour

We’ve all got at least one of them. In my case, I had two. Those super useful cube ottomans that are dirty and ripped and kind of embarrassing. Today, I’ll show you how to make a no sew slipcover in less than an hour! It’ll be enough to at least eek out a few more months of use for this sad sorry ottoman.

Ottoman BEFORE

Here is what you need to make a no sew slipcover in minutes!

First up, measure out a length of burlap that will fit around the entirety of your cube. Then, use spray starch to iron it as well as you can. (Bonus! It smells great!)

Fit Burlap over Ottoman

Use Starch to Iron Burlap

Pull it as tightly as you can and glue the seam. You’re doing this part inside out, so if there’s excess just trim it down. Now flip it right side out and pull it back onto your cube. Fold down the tops like a present and then fold the edges down. (The pics will make sense)

Fold Up Edges of Burlap

Fold the top edges of the burlap slipcover flat

You just want to make sure your burlap is the right length. In our case, we went for just grazing the floor – but you might want it shorter if your ottoman has nicer legs. The final step is to flip it back inside out, lay your fabric on top, wrong side up and push the edges between the burlap and the ottoman. Add a bead of glue all the way around and fuse the two together. Glue the Fabric to the Burlap

Voila! There you go! Five seams, a few cuts, a couple hot glue sticks and you are ready to rock out with your feet up 🙂 Make your own slipcover without sewing!They aren’t perfect by any means – but they are dog proof and cat proof and easily mended. They also blend in perfectly with the new vibe of our family room!DSC_0988-11We keep the floral one on this wall and the white one on the other wall so that there’s always an extra spot to perch.DIY Shabby Chic Ottoman SlipcoversSo what do you think? Pretty good for a couple episodes of The Mindy Project and a few dollars of burlap right? Ya. You can just call me Beyonce Pad Thai. (That Mindy joke makes me laugh every. single. time.)

Here are a few other quick DIYs I’ve picked for you!

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