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Mindful Decluttering | Get the eBook Now!

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Thank you so much for downloading my FREE 10-Page Declutter Workbook!! As a Thank you…and 

Because you were smart and took ACTION towards your declutter goals, you get this LIMITED OPPORTUNITY to snag my brand new eBook for a SUPER SPECIAL PRICE!! 

Mindful Decluttering | Simple Steps to Create Lasting Change is normally $14.99, but for the next hour, it’s yours for $9.99Use Coupon code ACTION at checkout.

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What do you get when you purchase Mindful Decluttering?

This ebook bundle is 50- pages of my best tried and true techniques for conquering your most challenging spaces. 

With this comprehensive guide book, you’ll quickly figure out:

  • what is at the root of your clutter problems
  • how to approach your decluttering room by room
  • the insane benefits of changing the way you think about clutter (think more money in your pocket!!)
  • the impact decluttering has on your emotions and therefore your family, business and overall health
  • the three spaces you need to start with in order to feel like a decluttering rock star

Plus, if you act now and purchase this super special deal, you’ll also receive these extras!

  • My special ‘Release it’ check list to help you purge and actually measure your results
  • A bonus “Gratitude is the Attitude” printable file to keep your heart on track

Oh – and there’s also another super secret offer INSIDE the ebook that you only get if you actually buy it and read it 🙂 I won’t spill the beans, but it’s really fun.

What are you waiting for? You know you’re ready for this. And you know there’s no time like the present to stop waiting and start DOING something about your space. 

Click here to use code ACTION and BUY your COPY NOW!

I’ve gone through years of decluttering and mindset modules in order to write this book in a way that I feel makes the most sense for regular people. I know we don’t all have hours of time in the day or the ability to hold every item in our hands and speak to it. 

But we do all have the ability to dig deep into our emotions to uncover the WHY behind our clutter. That is what this book will help you do. And trust me, once you uncover the WHY, you have more than 1/2 the problem conquered and you can get back to the business of living your life. 

Early Reviews of Mindful Decluttering

[wc_testimonial by=”Jenna, Pickle Planet” url=”” position=”left” class=””]

I first noticed Erin a few years ago as she was sharing her decluttering journey. I’ve loved following her journey online, seeing how this approach to less stuff was turning into a personal mind shift of focusing on what matters to her and to her family. If you are seeking joy in your life, feeling overwhelmed by the physical and mental clutter, Erin can help. The book is much more about finding your soul and your happiness than organizing your closets and tidying up your shelves. It is filled with pointed questions and directions that will set you on an amazing journey.


[wc_testimonial by=”Shauna Cole” url=”” position=”right” class=””]

This book is so well done! And honestly I’m probably exceptionally organized and I still see value in this. So timely given everyone’s obsession with that Marie Kondo Tidying up series.


Take this as a sign that you’re ready for more. You’re ready to stop the cycle of accumulating things that don’t matter to you. You are ready to feel more freedom, make better decisions…and hey, even make more money. 

Click here to use code ACTION and BUY your COPY of Mindful Decluttering NOW!

Peace, cheer and DIYs







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