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DIY No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt | HOLIDAY CRAFT

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Inside: Simple holiday red and white Christmas tree skirt made with felt and hot glue! A kid-friendly holiday craft you can customize to suit your decor style. 

I’m just going to cut to the chase because, well, this is a simple craft and the reason I’m sharing it now is because the Christmas and Holiday season is always so busy and we need to get crafting! Ha! 

In all honesty, this DIY No Sew Tree Skirt comes together so quickly. It’s perfect if you have a kids’ Christmas tree or if you need something in a pinch – or perhaps you have switched out your holiday decor theme and need something custom to match. Either way, this tree skirt can be made with some very basic supplies from the crafts and fabric store and about an hour of time. 

Oh and did I mention this is a no-sew project??

Before we get into it, I want to make sure you also saw my tutorial for the coordinating Modern Snowflake Pillows, which aren’t 100% no sew because you do need to thread some yarn – but they are also super easy to pull together. You might want to have both these projects on your list 🙂

DIY No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt | HOLIDAY CRAFT
Yield: 1 tree skirt

DIY No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt | HOLIDAY CRAFT

Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

Simple holiday red and white Christmas tree skirt made with felt and hot glue! A kid-friendly holiday craft you can customize to suit your decor style.


  • large piece of white felt
  • medium piece red felt
  • measuring tape
  • hot glue gun


  1. Measure the base of your tree. Fold you white felt piece in half and create a circle that is the diameter of your tree (roughly - this is hard to do if you have a real tree, but just eye ball it. It's not that big a deal if your circle isn't perfect). Then cut a small hole in the middle and a slit down the side so you can actually pull it around the tree trunk.
  2. Use your hand as a measurement and cut out large petals from the red felt. It's okay if they are irregular. You want this to look a bit imperfect.
  3. Glue down one petal and then follow with others, overlapping them at the centre. Allow the petals to sit off the edge of the white felt. This is why it doesn't matter if the circle isn't perfect because the flower petals distract from that once they are all glued down and the tree skirt is in place.
  4. Continue doing this until you have glued all your petals along the perimeter of the tree skirt.

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One other thing you can consider is adding in different sized flowers in differing colours to make it even more festive and alive looking! I’m considering updating my holiday decor next year using bright colours…and I think it’ll be really fun to try this project using gem tones! I have these cute gemstone holiday coasters I made a couple years ago that lend well to that theme.

I didn’t have it when I took these photos, but I think my little Hygge House box would look SO CUTE under the tree with this tree skirt. Confession: it is totally meant to be Christmas decor, but I’ve had it out ALL YEAR !! 

If tree skirts aren’t your thing, you might also want to try your hand at this DIY Christmas Tree Stand Cover… which is a bit of DIY and power tools, but it’s still quite simple to do. 

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