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Incredible Uses for Coffee Grounds

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Inside: Coffee grounds are amazing to use in the garden, house plants, compost and even as bug repellant and beauty products! Full list of ways to use coffee grounds!

I’m a bit of a coffee addict. You could say that it’s my one drug of choice. I don’t use single cup servings or a fancy machine – just a plain drip coffee maker every single morning. That means that I always have a biodegradable coffee filter full of grounds each and every day.

I figured I could look up ways to use the coffee grounds (beyond just tossing them in the household compost bin!) 

So let’s start with some basics, shall we? Composting is a key factor in any household these days. Check out this post for how I turned an empty coffee tin into a tabletop compost bin that I use when I bake and cook. 

I also love to serve coffee, and I whipped up a super quick DIY coffee tray using a wax paper transfer here. 

And before you start composting the coffee grounds or adding them to your garden, you might want to learn a bit more about how to CLEAN your coffee maker (because it can get so nasty and gross!!)

Okay, moving onto the real meat of this question about how to use Coffee Grounds around the house – let’s start in the garden. 

Which plants like used coffee grounds? 

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which makes them ideal for some plants in your garden. Beware, however, if you are using them you do have to balance them out with mulch or potting soil and newspaper. 

To use them in your flower beds and potted plants, simply sprinkle them on top and scratch them in with your hands. 

You can even make a liquid fertilizer by adding a few tablespoons of used coffee grounds to water, letting it steep overnight and then pouring that on your plants. 

Plants that love coffee grounds? 

  • hydrangeas,
  • rhododendrons,
  • azaleas,
  • lily of the valley,
  • blueberries,
  • carrots,
  • and radishes

Are coffee grounds good for grass?

We have done a lot of growing grass from seed since moving into this house and we’re always looking for ways to strengthen the root system. But using coffee grounds on your grass can be tricky business. There are a few rules of thumb to follow: 

  • Don’t sprinkle it directly on the grass
  • Dampen the grounds and mix them into existing compost and mix it into your lawn well
  • The nitrogen from the coffee will encourage microbes that will help break down the compost and release more nutrients
  • Don’t leave clumps on top of the lawn as they can clump up and cause mould. Rake it in well.

More uses for Coffee Grounds around the House

Fix scratches in furniture

Use the coffee grounds and water to form a paste.

Then rub the paste into the scratch using a cotton swab, allow it to sit for 5–10 minutes and then wipe with a cotton rag.

This should help buff out the scratch and conceal it by dying the exposed wood a dark-brown color.

Continue to dab coffee into the scratch using a cotton swab until the desired color is achieved, waiting a few hours between applications.

Treat under eye circles

Add water or coconut oil to your coffee grounds to form a paste. Apply the mixture under your eyes and let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat this process daily or as needed.

This will activate the antioxidants in the coffee and refresh the skin with natural caffeine.

Remove build-up and dandruff on your scalp

Before you shampoo, simply grab a handful of coffee grounds and massage them into your scalp and hair for a few minutes. Then wash and rinse as you normally would.

Do this one to two times per week, or as needed.

Tenderize Meat

Salt, enzymes and acids are three natural types of meat tenderizers. Coffee contains natural acids and enzymes, making it especially effective at tenderizing meat.

The acidic nature of coffee can also help enhance the flavor of meat.

Simply add used coffee grounds to your favorite dry-rub recipe and apply the rub to the meat two hours before cooking.

Clean up ash in a fireplace

By scattering used coffee grounds over the ashes, you can weigh them down and prevent smoke clouds from forming.

This not only makes the ashes easier to remove, but it also keeps dust from escaping and traveling to other parts of the room.

Try it on your Cellulite

Simply mix grounds with water or coconut oil and scrub for 10 minutes twice weekly on any areas affected by cellulite.

Beauty Scrub and Skin exfoliant

Coffee grounds can also be mixed with a small amount of honey and used as an exfoliating lip scrub.

What’s more, the caffeine in coffee grounds has potent antioxidant properties that can help protect the skin from sun damage.

It can also increase blood flow, which aids in overall skin health

Cleaning and Scouring Scrub

You can use coffee grounds to scour your pots and pans. Their abrasive texture helps scrape away caked-on food.

Coffee grounds can be used as an abrasive cleaner. They can help sanitize and remove buildup from sinks, cookware, grills and other surfaces around the house.

Odor Neutralizer

Coffee grounds can help absorb and eliminate odors from your refrigerator, gym bag or smelly shoes. Using them as a hand scrub can also help remove lingering smells from onion or garlic.

Use it as bug repellent

To use coffee grounds as an insect and pest repellent, simply set out bowls of grounds or sprinkle them around outdoor seating areas.

You can also keep pests out of your garden by scattering coffee grounds around your plants. They help create a barrier that slugs and snails do not like to crawl over.

Flea remover for pets

Luckily, fleas don’t seem to like coffee, and you may want to consider coffee grounds as a natural treatment.

Simply rub the grounds throughout your pet’s fur after shampooing. Then rinse them off and allow your pet to dry as usual.

Some say doing this may also add smoothness and shine to your pet’s coat, but there is little to no research to support either of these claims.

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