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Incredible Ways to Use a Lint Roller

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Inside: The difference between a lint roller and a lint brush and how to use them when cleaning your home; carpets, upholstery, clothing, computer gear; and more. 

Don’t you love little gadgets that cost next to nothing and can be used for a bunch of handy things around the house? Ya. Me too. Like a lint roller, for instance! It was originally made to help keep lint off clothing, but there are so many other hacks and ways to use a lint roller to keep your house clean and solve nagging problems.

ways to use a lint roller

The difference between a lint roller and a lint brush

First let’s talk about the products out there that help you deal with lint and fuzz. You can buy the disposable lint rollers at the grocery or dollar store. They are the ones that come with a sticky roll of tape with the sticky side out and let you rip the tape off as it gets used. They typically cost a few dollars to seven or eight dollars for a double roll and they are HANDY.

Then there are reusable lint rollers and brushes that are designed to tackle more delicate fabrics and specific situations. These usually have a long lasting ‘brush’ on them and a more substantial handle. They can be used more frequently on garments and clothing like wool sweaters and blazers. Some of them are even made to specially tackle pet hair on clothing, however, there are certainly other options for getting pet hair off your clothes.

The last category of lint brushes are rollers are actual pill removers or defuzzers. These are much more expensive and are usually referred to as electric lint brushes. The idea is you roll them along your delicate fabric and a small razor actually cuts the pills off your sweater.

Using a lint roller on clothing

Obviously this is the intended purpose of a lint roller. I keep one in my glove compartment and at the front door and do a quick swipe before I leave the house or head into a meeting. It’s funny how the cat always seems to know when I need to look sharp and she brushes against me!

If you don’t have a lint roller, a great alternative is to use packing tape or masking tape! I’ve done this in a pinch as well. Packing tape also works really well to get pet hair out of car upholstery. 

Use a lint roller on the insides of shoes

When you walk around a carpeted space where there are pets or lint or dust on the floor, you will inevitably transfer that lint into your shoes and boots when you put them back on! I use a lint roller inside our boots every once in a while to reduce the lint transfer from place to place.

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Washing pet hair and lint off clothes

If your clothes or fabric are really badly covered in lint, you might want to consider washing it properly BEFORE you attempt to use a lint remover. There is a trick to this as well! Make sure you are sticking to the cleaning instructions for your particular garment and add in a 1/4 cup of vinegar along with the washing liquid to the rinse cycle.

This small step can help loosen any pills, fibres and pet hair that might be caught in the weave of your garment! Pop it in the dryer if you can and that will collect more of the lint and then use your lint brush or roller to grab the rest once it comes out of the wash. 

Using lint rollers around the house

Use a lint brush on lampshades

I think this all comes down to the fault of pets LOL, but my cats like to traipse along our sideboard and rub against EVERYTHING, including my lampshades. I tried for a long time to use a rag and mild cleaning solution to get them clean, but that just smears the dirt on the shade. a lint roller on a lampshade

The solution to dusting the shades and removing the pet hair? A lint roller! Now I use this trick monthly to keep the shades looking crisp, bright and clean.

Lint brush for drapery

I have a few rooms in the house with delicate sheer curtains that don’t do well in the laundry very often. I like to run a lint brush along the edges to capture any dust that accumulates on them. 

Lastly, I think it’s hilarious how I can trick P into using a lint brush – she calls it a ‘sticky roll’ and she LOVES to run it along the carpet edges and upholstered furniture. I don’t think this is the greatest solution for getting pet hair off upholstery, but it certainly works wonders for crumbs and actual dust.

lint brush on upholstery

Using Lint Rollers in the Kitchen

I LOVE this hack and I use it all the time. If I ever spill baking supplies on the counter that have even a bit if grit to them, such a sprinkles, coarse salt, ground spices I will scoop it up as best I can with a kitchen rag and then I go over the cooking space with a sticky roller to get all the microscopic extras! I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to see spilled sugar and salt sometimes because my counters are white and this lint roller trick is the bees knees.

Using Lint Rollers in the Office

I’m not the best at keeping my computer clean. I’m often embarrassed by it if I ever have to bring it in for service. But this lint roller hack is great for day to day maintenance of tech hardware! lint roller on a laptop

For whatever reason, computers, laptops and monitors all attract dust, so I keep a lint roller handy and give them all a good wipe down every once in a while. I know you can also get teeny tiny brushes for doing keyboards, but you can also rip off part of a lint roller, fold it up and use the sticky part to get right into the cracks and grooves of your machine.

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