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10 Minute Bathroom Countertop Organization


Inside: Updating a small bathroom counter to be more stylish and organized in just 10 minutes!

OOOOOH! Gotta love a good before and after! Especially when it literally took 10 minutes to do! Yes. This is a post all about a 10 minute bathroom countertop organization blitz that I went on. I was between client calls and had frantic energy. When I have that kind of energy, I’ve learned to channel it into something that I know I can accomplish in little to no time.

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This post on the Wayfair site also shows a bunch of other great bathroom organization projects too!

How to Organize a Bathroom in 10 Minutes

If you’ve been watching my IG Stories, you’ll have seen me show this corner of the bathroom, explaining that it’s a bit of a hot mess. I mean, it’s functional – but not very nice looking. Guests don’t typically use this bathroom, but every once in while they do.

I ordered a couple items from Wayfair that I thought would achieve two goals – hide the mess on the wall shelf and pretty up the stuff on the counter. To be honest, most of the stuff on the counter should be in the medicine cabinet anyway. I’m definitely not using it all every single day.

Step One:

My first step was to triage what was there and put away what should have been put away a long time ago.

Then I used this gorgeous tray mirror and these sleek bamboo boxes to organize everything else! (These are affiliate links).

I’m kind of obsessed with the mirror – not gonna lie. It’s SO friggin cute!! And I love that it now has space for my every day work from home essentials like hair ties, bobby pins, lip gloss and that sort of stuff. I never quite knew where to put those things before. 

Step Two

I put it on a thrifted silver tray and only left out the moisturizer I use daily – Love me my Kate Sommerville! I do apply sunscreen daily -but I do it at my desk! ha! So my sunscreen stays in my office. Btw – things are happening in the office… I’ll share more about that soon!

So let’s talk about the bamboo boxes – cuz they are also super cute. They are the perfect size to hold all the small cream pots and odds and ends that were on the shelf before. And they STACK! Mega space saving win.

I used the ones on the bottom shelf for all my ‘spa’ stuff – so my face masks, exfoliators and all that. The top box has things like eye creams and things I don’t use often, but often enough to leave out. As I’m writing this, I’m realizing how weird that sounds. Ladies! Am I weird to have this many categories of ‘usage’ for my beauty products? Daily. Weekly. Every other week. Monthly. Sits around and collects dust. Right?!? 

Such a small project that makes me smile. At least until I remember we still have this hideous brown counter top and a horrible stainless steel sink. Ya win some, ya lose some, amiright?

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