Organizing Craft Supplies with the Konmari Method


Inside: Tips for organizing craft supples with the Konmari method of decluttering; tips for how to effectively declutter and purge your crafting supplies and then how to store them to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Craft rooms and craft supplies can very easily get out of hand. We have every reason to hold onto every single scrap of whatever it is because we believe we’ll one day ‘maybe need it for an emergency craft session.’ Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, I’m sharing my tips for organizing craft supplies with the Konmari Method, so your space stays clutter free and clear so you can craft your little heart out.organizing craft supplies

I’ve successfully used the Konmari method


How to approach organizing craft supplies with the Konmari Method

Konmari is about keeping only things that give you true joy or that serve a higher human purpose – like food, shelter, water, security. It’s hard to see how craft supplies fit into any of those categories. I believe we hold onto craft supplies because of the potential they hold. We feel good thinking about all the things we could make but never do. This is why these spaces tend to be neglected IMHO. We are ashamed of them because we think we like the untapped potential, but really they just represented thwarted joy. As you go through this process, really ask yourself if unused supplies truly give you joy or do they give you the illusion of joy?

How to declutter craft supplies with the Konmari Method

Go around the entire house and get your craft supplies from every nook and cranny and dump them all on the floor in one room. ALL OF IT. The whole idea behind this is to see all that you’ve been holding onto in one giant space. It can be a bit overwhelming, but it will get better. Marie Kondo lumps craft supply organizing in with paperwork and bills, but I choose to keep them separate. If you want to see how I manage my digital files, check out this post about how to make your own desktop file manager. Decluttering Craft Supplies with KonMari

Next you are going to sort your supplies into loose categories: (this will obviously depend on the kind of crafter you are).

  • unopened and unusued (anything older than a year)
  • Partial or broken
  • Seasonal or specialty
  • Boxes and storage bins (you know you have them!)
  • Art category – paint with paint, fabric with fabric and so on

Toss anything broken. Donate anything unused or that you haven’t opened in longer than a year. Now you’re left with the rest. Go through it and really ask yourself if you intend to use it or if it’s just giving you an illusion of joy to hold onto it. It’s okay to let some things go – even if they are still in perfectly good condition. They aren’t reaching their full artistic potential sitting unused in your home! Go through each item. Be honest. Let some of them go. Hold only the craft supplies you know you will use time and time again.

Decluttering Craft Supplies and Paper

Here’s a tip, for the notebooks, I just ripped out pages that were used and kept the notebooks I knew I wanted for tracking blog projects, work projects etc. Anything that was unused or untouched, I donated.

Decluttered Craft Supplies Organized with KonMari

Now that you have your piles out and sorted and you’re okay with letting some things go, it’s time for the really fun part, which is coming up with creative solutions for storing all your craft supplies! Hey, you might even get lucky and get to do a craft to help you 😉


Organizing Craft Supplies after the Konmari Method

One of the first places you’ll want to look at are the walls! Using vertical space is always a bonus and it can be crafty and fun too. Why not try a DIY stencil pegboard to hold small craft items.stenciled peg board

Or if you have more fabric swatches and colourful bits of inspiration, try making your own DIY memo board to hold them.

If space is at a premium, try converting an old piece of furniture into a craft supply station. I took an old kitchen cart on wheels and turned it into a craft cart! It was done in a day, and I love it.

This is a great way to repurpose something else you have in your home as you go through the entire Konmari process. Breathing new life into old things is always encouraged and it is one of the best ways to create new spaces without spending any money!

DIY craft cart

You could also try converting a bookshelf into paper and crafting storage. I used an old Ikea Billy bookcase to make my DIY gift wrap organizer. It hold other craft overflow as well, like ribbon, large scissors, Sharpie markers and tissue. If a lot of your crafting items are seasonal and Christmas, you might want to try a custom solution for that type of decor. gift wrap storage

Other tips for Organizing Craft Supplies with the Konmari Method

Marie Kondo would suggest having a mix of open shelves, baskets and drawers. Keep the drawers for things that will always be unsightly, like manuals, and smaller items that aren’t aesthetic. Use baskets for textiles and then use open shelving for all the beautiful and useful items you’ve kept – like scissors, paint, brushes and the like.

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