How to make a DIY Family Command Center {Weekend Project!}


Inside: Build a simple wall hanging family command center to keep you organized! You can do this with just a screwdriver and basic DIY supplies and customize it too!

Every house needs a command center, don’t you think? It’s a place where all the papers get dropped, the pens and pencils live and where you can jot down random notes as like grocery lists and to-dos as they come up.

Today, I’m sharing my simple DIY Family Command Center tutorial with you!

diy kitchen command center

What does a Family Command Center Do?

A command center has multiple functions, but fo the most part, it’s designed to keep all your day to day important things in one place. Think of it as the last spot you check before leaving the house and the first place you check when you get home in the evening.

It’s where you can leave notes for family members like ‘We need dog food’ to ‘I’ve gone to the park with Joey! BRB’. It’s just a good thing to have and it’s really easy to make one for yourself.

What should be included in a Family Command Center?

  • A pencil holder
  • a spot to keep mail
  • a ledge to put random things on
  • a chalkboard with chalk
  • a cork board or magnetic board
  • push pins
  • hooks
  • a calendar
  • a tear off to-do list

How do you add Digital Elements into a Command Centre?

This is a great trick that I use to keep myself organized and it involves using my Google Home mini! I’ve written a post about all the cool Smart Home Gadgets and how they make your life easier here.

I use the app IFFTT to set up a to-do list via my Gmail and Google. Then if things get out of hand in our command center (say with the grocery list), I will dictate that list into my Google list and have it emailed to me! Then it lives on the wall on the command center, but also in my phone.

I also use Google Docs to manage digitizing all my receipts as they come up. You can see this post about how I organize receipts and paperwork here.

How to Build a Family Command Centerplanning the family command center

Supply List for a Wall Hanging Family Command Center (may use affiliate links)

  • 1x3s cut to size (two longer ones and one short one for the bottom)
  • 1/2″ plywood cut to desired size (for chalkboard portion)
  • small corkboard
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • No More Nails
  • Minwax wood stain
  • Plumbing clamps
  • Mason Jars
  • Hook
  • Drill and screwdriver
  • Hanging Hardware

The first step is to decide how big you need and want your command center to be. If you want something simple, like mine, then the basic cuts you’ll make will be two 1x3s cut to about 28″ each and then another one cut to 13″ or so to act as the bottom cross bar. minwax stain on 1x3s

If you are going to add other elements like a mail ledge or more hooks, then adjust the sizing and make sure you also adjust your hanging apparatus so that it’s not too heavy to sit on the wall. chalkboard painted plywood

Stain your wood in your desired hue (or paint it). Paint your plywood piece with a couple coats of chalkboard paint and allow it to dry for a good 24 hours before writing on it. screwing in plumbing clamps

Using a drill and screwdriver, attach the pipe clamps to the cross bar so your mason jars sit tightly and securely inside. no more nailsUse No More Nails to attach your cross bar to the longer 1x3s and if you want, double secure it with screws. No More Nails can be used to affix the chalkboard and corkboard to the top. adding hanging hardware

Then screw in your hanging hardware and you’re good to go!

This works so well for our small family as something a little more permanent than a fridge magnet. The chalkboard is especially handy for weekly meal plans, as we tend to change those quite frequently.

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