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Inside: How to hang shoes on the wall to save space; plus tips for how to store shoeboxes and shoebox storage.

Shoes – they are one of the most challenging items to organize and store. And for whatever reason, we all seem to have so many pairs! When we moved into this house, the master closet was TINY (we’ve since renovated it). I was struggling with how to store shoeboxes (which can be big and clunky!). As an interim solution, I figured out a simple way to hang shoes on the wall!

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Supplies to Hang Shoes on the Wall

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How to Hang Shoes on the Wall – Build a DIY Shoe Organizer

It all started with the one blank wall in the closet. Previously, I had some jewellery organizers on there and a small, thrifted, bookshelf that held belts and stuff – but very quickly that system proved inefficient with all the new stuff I was squeezing into the space.

So everything came out/down. I found the cutest white and gold polka dot fabric. I cut it to size (in my case it was approximately 24″x57″ – but that doesn’t really matter that much) and I bought some inexpensive trim at the hardware store.

I don’t have pictures of this part, but using a basic staple gun and a level, I hung the fabric on the wall – only securing it in the corners. Then, after Dan helped me mitre the corners of my trim, I lined it up and used my Ryobi Air Striker Nail Gun to affix the trim to the wall and re-secure the fabric. Just make sure most of the wrinkles are out before you put in the final few nails!

Now’s the fun part! Just measure where you want your shoes to hang. Cut a few dowels to size and using sharp sewing scissors make little slits in your fabric where your hooks will go. I hung three 2-foot dowels, 10″ apart, if that makes sense.

How to hang shoes on the wall
how to hang shoes on the wall –

Screw in your hooks, pop in your dowel and hang up your shoes! Voila! A clever shoe storage solution that also holds other things. You could add more dowels if you have more shoes and if you want to make the organizer larger (as in wider), you could use more heavy duty dowels and hooks so that more shoes could hang on each row. 

I even had space at the top to hang a mirror and some hooks to take some of my overflow jewellery. Oh, and those little square faceted push pins are for the receipts and business cards that always seem to collect in my closet after I visit a shop I want to remember.

Such a small space, but this really maximizes its use. 


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How to Store Shoe Boxes

Now, once I renovated my closet to make it much bigger, I didn’t have to hang my shoes on the wall anymore! I ended up wanting to use that space to hang clothes.

And that allowed me to start keeping my shoes in boxes, baskets and labeled organizers. The shoes I wear most often sit out on my shelves for easy access.

konmari closet organization

As you can see, I’ve opted to keep my high heels on a shelf and then use covered baskets and wire and fabric bins for the rest.

Storing shoes in baskets

I keep my seasonal shoes in those baskets; things like my leather booties and running shoes and sneakers. The lid on the basket is nicer looking than a shoe box and it keeps the shoes free from dust and dirt.

Storing Sandals in baskets

For light shoes, like deck shoes and flip flops, I use the wire baskets. It’s a simple way to corral them all in one place and it’s easy to find them once the spring and summer seasons roll around.

I much prefer this to storing my shoes in the shoe boxes. I tried to keep the boxes, but it becomes clunky and hard to fit nicely on the shelve because no two shoe boxes are the same size!

Shoe Boxes and Shoe Storage you can buy

If hanging your shoes on the wall DIY style is not your cup of tea, that’s okay! There are a bunch of other ways you can achieve great storage for your shoes.

Plastic shoe boxes to stack or store

  • Consider purchasing clear plastic shoeboxes that you can hang on the wall using shelving or that you can stack up in the bottom of a cupboard.

Other Clever Shoe Storage Solutions

While you’re here, you might also be interested in some other small space storage solutions (I mean, who isn’t??) – have a look at how I built a pull-out pantry for the space beside the fridge, plus how I turned an old bookshelf into a custom wrapping station for the holidays. I’m a bit obsessed with storage and organizing.

Our front entry way is just as small as our master closet used to be, so you might want to have a look at how I used the space there to store shoes at the front door. I used a slim shoe cabinet in the closet, added some wall paper and wall hooks.

Tiny Front Entry Tour
built in shoe storage

Lemon Thistle blog creates an INCREDIBLE shoe storage solution in her split level entry. I’m in awe of this project. You have to see what she did. Seriously – so good. 

hidden shoe storage

Handmade Haven makes another UNBELIEVABLE DIY Shoe Storage Solution. This is lovely and I think it’d be great in any hallway or entry. The best part about this is that you can customize it for more than just shoes!!

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