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It’s DIY Monthly Challenge time yet again! It’s so crazy to think that we’ve been carrying on with this First Wednesday of the Month Challenge for so long. We’ve now done Dollar Store decor, Trash to Treasure, Paint, Fabric, storage items and more…

Some months are more of a challenge than others. Like this month. September’s item is Peg Board. 

SUPPLY LIST for a Nautical Themed Pegboard:

Here’s what we started with – a 4×2 peg board from the hardware store that cost us about $8. Then we had a few pre-sanded and cut boards of varying sizes and lengths.

DIY Nautical Peg Board BEFORE

I’d been hanging onto these Minwax Stain Wipes for the longest time – and in my KonMari efforts, I decided to either try ’em out or pitch them. So I tried them out 🙂DIY Nautical Peg Board Wipe on Stain Cloths

At first, it was sorta weird. Basically they are like baby wipes saturated with stain. But a few minutes in, I realized how much tidier and simple this process is with wipes! DIY Nautical Peg Board Wipe on Wood Stain Supplies

Then, I used the wider boards (which were both 4′ lengths) and affixed them to the back of the peg board. I allowed 2″ of them to show through at the bottom. I attached them with my nail gun and it was a breeze.DIY Nautical Peg Board Adding a Wood Frame

From there – I measured the length of the side of the peg board from the top of one board to the bottom of the other. It was 28 1/4 inches in case you were wondering.

Now to up the nautical factor.  I searched through the Silhouette Design Studio and found a file image of a bridge span. I cut the bridge out of scrap booking paper in a grey-black tone.

Once I had my bridge all cut, I laid it out onto the pegboard to visualize how I would stick it down. Peg Board Bridge Silhouette

Using a level and a small paint brush, I glued the bridge down piece by piece. It wasn’t really that difficult – just required a bit of attention to make sure things stayed as straight as possible.Peg Board Bridge Silhouette Level

Where the seams really showed through, I used a fine-tipped black marker to colour them in!Peg Board Bridge Side View

I sealed it all with one very light coat of Poly and voila! A masculine and nautical peg board 🙂

You know what’s amazing? That Dan actually said he thinks this is cool.Peg Board Bridge Full

Peg Board Bridge Close

You’re welcome Halifax (and beyond!)… You don’t think I’m a total lame-o, do you? 🙂Peg Board Bridge Angled View

In the category, however, of TOTALLY cool are these fine lady bloggers who also have fabulous peg board projects to share with you – so take a little time! Do a little blog hop! Have a little peg board-y fun …

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