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Fabric Covered Front Door Hooks

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Wowsers! Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 I can’t believe it’s time for our August Monthly DIY Challenge already! This month the theme is fabric!  Here are the supplies I used to create Fabric Covered Front Door Hooks!

Supply list:

Here’s the quick recap. On the second Wednesday of each month, we team up with a group of our best blogging pals to bring you a DIY Challenge. Every month has its own theme. You may have seen our recent challenges which include our painted end tables, scrap wood mirror, glass bottle lamp and our Kate Spade inspired closet. The awesome thing about Monthly Challenge time is that the end of each post is capped off with links to all the other projects too! So make sure you check them all out. 😀


 To be honest, I had big plans to reupholster a chair – but the weather has been so nice lately that I didn’t want to do something that would coup me up inside. So I’ll save the chair for later in the fall and today, I’ll share with you my new Fabric Covered Front Door Hooks They are part of our foyer makeover and we actually needed them – so it worked out 🙂

I started out with a swatch of fabric about 22″ squared, a piece of basic 6″ wood from the lumber yard, measuring tape, pencil and some mismatched hooks I had in my tool box.Fabric Covered Entry Hooks Supplies

I measured my wood plank and cut it down to 20″ long. I knew that would be the right length to fit on the wall behind our front door. From there, I measured my fabric to be 10″ wide by about 22″ long. Using my staple gun, I affixed the ends of the fabric to the board and then pleated the other sides and folded them in as well. I didn’t staple everywhere. I wanted it to fit loosely at first.Fabric Covered Entry Hooks Staples

I decided to go for a bit of a mismatched metallic look. So I used a couple cans of Krylon Metallic paint to cover my ‘octopus’ hooks – one in copper and one in gold. I also sprayed the heads of some wood screws to match.Fabric Covered Front Entry Hooks Measure

I laid my hooks out on my fabric covered plank and marked where the screw holes would be. Then with a small utility knife I made slits in my fabric to ensure the screws wouldn’t make the fabric pucker when they were tightened.Fabric Covered Entry Hooks Screws

The finishing touch was to add some brass upholstery nails to the ends of the board to keep it consistent and then affix some heavy-duty D-ring hangers to the back so it’s strong enough to hold coats and jackets.

Fabric Entry Hooks Close Feature

Woop! There it is! Awwww Yeah.

It’s clearly not in our foyer area yet – why? Because we are still doing some paint touch ups and what not. We promise that full reveal post will come before the end of this month 🙂

Fabric Entry Hooks CloseDo you like my new beach bag? It’s from Joe Fresh. Love that guy. The scarf is from Stella & Dot.

Fabric Entry Hooks Side

Oh! And since it’s a Monthly Challenge – don’t forget to check out all the other creative fabric projects too 🙂



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