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How to Store and Organize Greeting Cards

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Inside: An efficient way to keep track of all those holiday greeting cards and keep them organized as keepsakes. 

You all know I’m huge into the KonMari method – which basically means only keep things that are useful and that ‘spark joy’ in your life. I find greeting and holiday cards to be in this weird between phase – where the cards evoke happy memories, but they pile up quickly and can be hard to store. And even then, do you ever go back and look at them? Probably not. So what to do? Folks – this is the simplest organizing hack EVER. Today, I’m going to show you how to store and organize greeting cards.

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Supplies for Storing and Organizing Greeting Cards

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How to Organize Greeting Cards

I also have to say that I SO enjoyed this process because it took me down memory lane. I started out with my bridal shower cards, then our wedding stuff, then Piper’s baby shower and Hello Baby cards and I’m now casually working on the Christmas cards because that was the largest pile.


This organizing hack is so very simple that I complicated it on purpose. LOL

Step One: Measure and Cut

I used old cereal boxes to cut a rectangle larger than my largest card in the pile. (I’m assuming you sorted your cards first based on occasion!) Then I wrapped it in pretty paper to create a ‘cover’. You totally don’t have to do this, I just liked that it made it look even MORE organized 🙂organize-holiday-cards-simple-method

Step Two: Wrap and Punch Holes

Now get PUNCHING! Sit down with the tv or Netflix or have a gab fest with your bestie, because all you need to do is hole punch the top corner of each greeting card. I double checked to make sure I wasn’t putting a hole through written words or anything first. If so, I just adjusted where the hole would be.


Step Three: Add Binder Rings

Now add them to your binder ring and top them with your homemade cover! You can label your cover if you’d like.

Here’s the catch! As you are having a gathering (like I did for Piper’s Baby Shower) or throughout the Christmas or wedding season, leave the supplies out in an accessible basket, so you can simply hole punch as you go!

SUPER TIP? Leave your Thank You cards and a pretty pen in the same basket so you can tackle thank you cards as you go as well. No more piling up and cramped hands from writing zillions of thank yous in one sitting 😉 how-to-organize-greeting-cards-keep-them-in-a-basket

So there you have it! The SIMPLEST way to organize your greeting and holiday cards! With this method, they will all sit nicely on a shelf or display in a basket or even (because of the binder rings) hang on a hook or a peg board!

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