Three Ways to Make Custom Fabric Bulletin Boards


Inside: Three ways to create a custom look for your home office bulletin board: a burlap bulletin board or fabric covered bulletin boards, ribbon memo boards and custom lettered cork boards!

Fabric Bulletin BoardsThere is always a need to have a bulletin board or cork board in an office, don’t you think? But why just go for basic brown when you can create a custom look to suit your style? In this post, I’ll show you three easy ways to DIY Custom Fabric Bulletin Boards.

If you’re into other sorts of hanging wall storage, you might want to also look into pegboard wall boards. I’ve done a couple projects using those – like my easy stencilled pegboard and my DIY craft cart with a peg board insert. It works better for heavier things versus a bulletin board, which is for lighter items.

What is the difference between a Bulletin Board and a Memo Board?

Good question! There isn’t much of a difference. And down the post a bit, I show you examples of how to use fabric to make an all-in-one! But typically a bulletin board is something you use with push pins and tack things to (leaving small holes in your photos or whatever).

A memo board is typically made with some sort of ribbon and uses clips or clamps to hold things in place so photos don’t end up damaged. Both are useful in a home office setting. Today, I’ll show you my tutorial for a burlap ribbon memo board (used with small clothes pins), how I make a customized lettered bulletin board and then link to some examples of fabric bulletin boards that also have ribbon memo board components! Woot! So many options!

1. How to Make a Burlap Memo Board

I’m using Burlap Ribbon from Kenarry Crafts for the Home  for this project and a few other supplies. I was provided the burlap ribbon for review, but opinions are my own 🙂 Note, this is both a burlap memo board and a ribbon memo board because you can always swap it out seasonally! In the winter, you could do a buffalo plaid ribbon and so on. The staples are in loosely so it’s easy to swap out.

Supplies for a Custom Burlap Memo Board:

This is obviously the before! (You might remember seeing how I used the rest of the cabinets to create a fun playroom storage unit and a simple outdoor serving tray!)

First thing I did was sand them down because they were a bit grimy after being in the studio for so long. Then I painted them up with some teal blue, chalky paint.

I measured out some basic jute twine and then stapled it on the diagonal across the back of each cabinet face. They are slightly different dimensions – so I did four pieces of twine on one and five on the other.

The next step was to use my burlap ribbon! I loosely measured each piece so it slightly overlapped with the last and stapled them into place along the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet face. Don’t pull TOO hard though because the burlap will separate and you don’t want that!

Then I just hung them up! I might actually use one of them in the living room for family photos. The colours match the new scheme in that space.

2. How to Make a Custom Lettered Cork or Bulletin Board

This one requires even less effort and can be customized with bulletin board letters that you buy at the store or make yourself.

Supplies to make a custom cork board: 

Simply adhere the cork board to the painted plywood and add your letters to the top! This one is the simplest and easiest to switch out down the line. I made mine match my file folder (from a thrifted napkin holder) and a clipboard.

3. Make your own DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

I haven’t made one of these yet, but plan to do it in my new office. This is a lot like a blend of the two projects above, where you simply staple fabric in place over a bulletin board and add ribbon to make it like a memo board.

Okay lovely people! Now’s your chance to see what all these others bloggers came up with using burlap ribbon!!


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