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The Master Closet: The mess, the challenge, the purge

Oh. My. Goodness. Peeps. I’m embarrassed. Once, in a post, long, long ago, I alluded to the absolute travesty that is our master closet. I am ashamed to say that…

More Kitchen: Tips, tricks and a lot of white paint

You guys! Stuff is actually happening in our kitchen!  Whaaaa?! Our initial grand plan was to be ‘finished’ our kitchen revamp before the end of April. Ummmm… Why do we do…

How to Make Bed Risers for $2

I have been saving this post for a rainy day – it’s supposed to rain today 🙂  And it’s always on those days that we like to organizing, right? Well,…

How to Create Colourful & Inspired Cut-out Ombre Canvas Art

Another mid-week art project! You know that in order for me to do an art project, it has to be simple and I have to be able to do it in…

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