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Every DIY room starts with DIY demolition

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So, we’ve been on a bit of a kick lately. A demolition kick. Here’s the thing. It really does take mere minutes to destroy something. Building it back up? Well, that’s a whole new ball of wax and perseverance.

This particular kick all started when we pulled down the cabinets in the kitchen that were flanking the window. Every single person who walks into the space loves the open feel.

That lead to us concocting a plan to re-use those two cabinets in the laundry room! Ideal! Perfect! That meant pulling down the uneven, off centre, hard to use, open shelving that’s there currently. Behold what it was.Demolition Laundry Room 3

And, we’re left with this.Demolition Laundry Room 2

Once again. I’ll just wait here while you take the time to pin this to your most favorite Pinterest board πŸ˜› It’s just THAT gorgeous (sarcasm font).Demolition Laundry Room 4

The shelves were CEMENT GLUED to the CEMENT BOARD. Alas, this is going to require some creative thinking to fix. But fear not, there is a great plan in the works. We like to show you the absolute abysmal dark before venturing into the light. You know? πŸ™‚

Plans for this space are literally top to bottom. Ceiling, walls, floor – all of it getting a new look and most of it will be completely DIY’d. We’ll be using natural textures and colours and hopefully adding in more great storage. Guests walking to the yard through the back door DO see this room, so it’s important for it to remain functional, but also interesting to look at. UPDATE!! This space is 50% finished now – check out what we did to the floors!!!

On a high from that demo, we decided to once and for all remove the ‘mantle’ in our Master Bedroom. The mantle had to go.

Demolition Mantle 1

The mantle was fused to the wall with paint and inches and inches and inches of crooked bead board molding.Demolition Mantle 2To make matters worse (and to make my eye balls bleed), it wasn’t centered on the wall. The mantle was centered so that the closet door always had to be open.Mantle Demolition 3

We have big plans for our Master and one main tenet involves bringing some sense of symmetry and balance back to the space. UPDATE! We did our Master Bedroom Makeover for the One Room Challenge in April 2017. You can see the full Bedroom Reveal and all the related decorating posts on this One Room Challenge Page.Demolition Mantle 4

The two picture windows are also not centred. This room needs A LOT of help. It’ll be a slog, but it’ll be worth it.

So for now, we sleep with a headboard that is full of nail holes and pink sponge paint and all our furniture lined up along one wall. Ya – that’s how we roll.Demolition Mantle 5

Do you love demolition? Do you find it motivating? Do things that are deliberately off-centre make your eyes twitch, or am I alone in that?

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