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Simple DIY Kreg Jig Projects for Every Room

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Inside: Inspiration and tutorials for DIY Kreg Jig Projects for every room in the home; from bed frames to outdoor decor, playroom storage and more.

I am so excited to move on from the intense renovations and patch work we’ve been doing in our house and get back to doing DIYs and building some new things. One of my absolute favourite tools is my Kreg Jig. I didn’t realize how useful this little jig was until I used it for the first time and all of a sudden, I felt like it opened up a world of possibility. So today, I’m sharing with you inspiration and tutorials for DIY Kreg Jig Projects for every room in the home – and ones that you can definitely tackle yourself!

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What is a Kreg Jig?

I think it’s fair to ask and answer this question before we proceed, don’t you? So a Kreg Jig is a tool that helps you quickly and easily and effectively join two pieces of wood together. It does this by creating a guide to make angled holes that allow screws to grip angled pieces of wood.what is a kreg jigOne thing to know is that there are also special Kreg Jig Screws that are self-tapping, which means they grip really well and are designed to withstand the pressure of the angle joint.

Great Beginner DIY Kreg Jig Projects

When I first got my Kreg Jig, I honestly had no idea what to do with it. And when that happens with a tool, my recommendation is to always start small. Pick a project that doesn’t cost a lot of money – so that if it works out, great! If it doesn’t- oh well. In my case, my beginner DIY Kreg Jig projects were all for home decor.

I used six Kreg screws on a perfect 90 degree angle to make this little wooden shelf with hooks that hung in our playroom for a while. I topped it with small wooden houses that I painted. Once I figured out the angles on the jig, it took me about an hour to put together.

kreg jig projects for the home
DIY Wall Hooks

At it’s core, the hooks are the most basic way to use a Kreg Jig. It’s just two pieces of wood joined at a right angle.

For my next project, I tackled these incredible wooden lanterns. I got the plans from Ana Wood and I think I adapted the size a bit to accommodate my space, but the plans were still the same. These use the Kreg Jig for the bottom piece! So in this case, you are drilling screws into the short side of a 1×6 board to join it to another piece and create a flat surface.

DIY Outdoor Lanterns

The other super useful way to use a Kreg Jig is to create strong right angles when you have a mitred corner, like with my rustic full length mirror. I love this project. This is a basic full length over the door mirror from Walmart that I popped off the plastic frame and rebuilt in wood. Cut your corners to right angles and then use the Kreg Jig and Kreg Screws to join them together. This would also work if you were framing a large piece of art – basically anything that is moderately heavy.

I love the Kreg Jig because once you use it, you really just adapt the angles you are using to create new shapes and new possibilities. Once you’ve done the right angle, the flat angle and the mitred corner, you’re probably ready to do more advanced jig work.

Larger Home Decor Projects using a Kreg Jig


While we no longer have this DIY day bed, it is by far one of our most impressive DIY Kreg Jig Projects ever. I’m not sure we’ll ever have anything as impressive in terms of a furniture build! And the crazy thing about this day bed project is that the retail version was about $800 and our Kreg Jig DIY version was about $200.

Build a West Elm Bed

In this case, the Kreg Screws are holding together the sides of the bed to the back and the brace pieces (which aren’t visible in this shot).

Still looking for DIY Kreg Jig Projects for your Home?

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