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Top Tool Picks from the 2018 CRAFTSMAN Launch

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Who’s ready for some exciting DIY projects? *points at myself* Holy. Never have I felt so energized coming back from vacation with LOADS of project ideas and new things to share. My list is long. Like Looooooong. But it’s all achievable and I can’t wait to get started. Most of my inspiration came from the 2018 Craftsman Launch last week. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my Stories from the event. It was SO FUN.

Basically, I was invited by the team at Craftsman to go to Baltimore for a few days to learn more about the company, their plans and new products coming to market over the next few months. Let me tell you – I was floored. I was floored by the event itself (which you can see in the Highlights of my IG Stories) and I was floored by some of the product innovations.

From stud finders that actually find the centre of a stud, to tape measures that don’t need two people (!!) to incredible advancements in power tool battery cell technology and intuitive and simple organizing solutions, there is LOTS happening in the DIY tool space. 

I must admit, at first I felt a bit intimidated to be among some top notch contractors and automotive experts. But after about five minutes, I gave myself a pep talk and said “No! Erin! You are here because this stuff excites you. This stuff excites your readers. And even though I’m not a pro home builder or whatever, I am 100% worthy and capable.”

Most of the new Craftsman Tools will be available for sale in Canada and the US starting in November – though there are some available on Amazon right now. There are also some available at Lowe’s and RONA stores too. 

So do you want to see my project list?! I’m not affixing timelines because you know how timelines make me feel LOL (Read: anxious). Although, I’m 100% confident that at least two of these will happen before Thanksgiving.

  • DIY Fireplace install and cabinet built-in project (Scope: Large. Emotionally Intimidating)
  • DIY Office Acoustic Panels and Shadow Box Shelving (Scope: Small. Emotionally Invigorating)
  • Laundry Room Floor Renovation & Full Wall Tile (Scope: Large. Emotionally Terrifying)
  • Back yard Shed Renovation (Scope: Medium. Emotionally Exhilarating)
  • Front entry revamp with new tile floor and updated railing (Scope: Medium. Emotionally Self-conscious)

As you can likely see, each of these projects will have a lot of ‘mini’ projects within them and I haven’t even listed some of the paint-related concepts I’ve got cooking in this jumbled brain of mine. (Here’s hint: gingham walls, moroccan tile feature space, DIY nesting tables, repainted cabinets and updated kitchen backsplash).

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post, other than to say a big thank you to the team at Craftsman for including me in the event. I’m spending this week clearing space and designing the fireplace build with Dan. I guess my next post will be all about that!

Stay tuned friends 🙂


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