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Usually I’m complaining that after a weekend in my studio, playing with my power tools, paint and other assorted DIY goods, that my hair takes forever to feel clean. Full of tiny dust particles and paint flakes… it’s a look. It’s just not a chic look.   And, I will also admit that it took my hair almost a year to feel ‘normal’ again after having LB. Mammas!! Why don’t we talk about this post-natal hair stuff?? Mine was somehow greasy and dry all at once. It was tragic. Tragic hair. See that photo below? That’s tragic hair plus the original shower head LOLBathroom Selfie

I tried everything. Shampoo after shampoo. Treatment after treatment. Dousing my head in actual apple cider vinegar. Never for a moment did I consider that my shower head itself was what could help me solve my hair woes. Today, I am going to tell you about the literal five-minute DIY that rescued my hair. This was our shower before (without me taking an awkward mirror selfie in the way). I mean, it’s a shower – nothing to write home about. 

You see, last month, I was sent the HydroRain Two-in-One Shower Head to review on the blog. This shower head means business! It’s gorgeous and big and has seven different settings and is certainly an upgrade from the straight up shower head we had been using.

Remember how I promised to share simple weekend worthy DIYs with you? Well, it took all of five minutes to unscrew the old head and screw in the new HydroRain. It’s made to fit any standard shower arm. This definitely fits the ‘weekend warrior’ bill! (This is the old shower head….!) I thought I’d be able to wait until that evening to hop in and test it out – but I found myself showering and washing my hair at 2:30pm on a Saturday because, well, it’s quite exciting to shower with something that resembles the U.S.S Enterprise πŸ˜‰ I tested all the various settings and I’ve gotta say, the rain shower is super relaxing. It makes me feel like I’m in one of those old Herbal Essence Shampoo commercials LOL. (The below picture is for demonstration purposes only. I do not endorse showering fully clothed, as that will impact your enjoyment significantly LOLOLOL)The massage setting feels really good on my forearms and upper arms where my Carpal Tunnel and repetitive strain injuries flare up. AND I was pleasantly surprised to learn there is a ‘trickle’ setting that saves water while you do things like a face mask, deep condition or shave your legs. While the HydroRain looks big, it uses 20% less water than the industry standard.Delta HydroSense Shower Head

But here’s the thing. I’ve now been showering with the HydroRain for four weeks straight. I don’t wash my hair every shower. Typically I will shampoo and condition once a week and then a few days later, I’ll deep condition with a masque or oil treatment. And every time I rinse my hair with the shampoo rinse setting on the HydroRain, I can literally feel my hair getting cleaner. Here’s another awkward mirror selfie, but with smoother, cleaner hair!  Once I’ve blow dried my hair, it gets even better. It’s like my scalp is healthier! There is less build up and excess oil and I haven’t switched my shampoo products at all. I honestly attribute the change to this shower head doing a darn good job of rinsing the soap off my head completely.

This seems like a little thing – but after months of struggling with my hair, this is monumental!

This wasn’t the blog post I was expecting to write. Initially I was going to focus on the fact that swapping the shower head, changing the shower curtain and fluffing my new pretty towels only took 30 minutes, but this real nitty-gritty review of this shower head seemed like it just needed to be written! I mean, I did get a pretty new shower curtain and lovely new towels.

We have big plans to gut this space and start again. In truth, this bathroom has always been a challenge. The previous owner’s choices are not – let’s say – what I would choose…but all in good time. We are focused on getting the main floor powder room put back together before launching into a giant bathroom renovation! 

Having said that, this bathroom definitely feels more deluxe now and I’ve been making more time for self care as a result. I think what’s most exciting is that before we used to just shower and now we (I’m speaking for Dan too!) love our shower. We didn’t realize what we’d been missing! Any renovation we do in here will definitely include our new shower head πŸ˜‰

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