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Adventures in Removable Renter-friendly Wallpaper | One Room Challenge Week 4

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How is this One Room Challenge more than halfway finished? Holy. I feel like I still have LOADS to do in order to meet the six week deadline. YIKES! Buuuuuut, I will say, having our wall treatment finished is like getting a big monkey off my back and replacing it with a song in my heart. Well sort of – let me explain.

Are you just catching up on the One Room Challenge Series?

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If you’re all caught up and have been reading my posts, then you’ll know that my colour scheme (aka my ENTIRE original design plan) kinda flew out the window… No, sorry – It plummeted from a prop plane at about 20,000 feet altitude and splattered all over the place. It was DOA. No can do. Wasn’t working out. Buddy’s face says it all…. ‘Whomp. Whomp.’ πŸ˜€

Abandoning my plan at the very start of this challenge was the last thing I expected to do. And it totally threw me for a loop. But as I talked about in my post about our closet and then last week as we were prepping this space for paint and paper, I basically left it all up to fate. You’ll recall this is the colour I ended up with.

Okay – it’s cheesy to say that fate lead me to this wall treatment. But it totally kinda did. I was a bit sad about losing my polka dot wall even though it was NOT the look I wanted anymore. My design sense has matured and changed in the last three years, for sure. But it did have this whimsical, “not too stuffy” feeling that I still wanted. My initial design plan didn’t really account for that… and I had to do some soul searching (otherwise known as online surfing) to come up with a new direction.

How was I going to capture that whimsical and coastal feeling, but evolve it to match a grown up Master Bedroom?

Enter Walls Need Love and this GORGEOUS blue toned adhesive wall treatment. Dan said “Erin! Put on your blue dress and stand in front of the wall and see if you are camouflaged!” Ummm… also, did you know the word ‘gullible’ doesn’t appear in the dictionary?” …. 😐 Moving on. Back to the PAPER.


I know, riiiiight?!

As soon as I happened on their site (which I found after visiting my good friend Kristi’s awesome DIY closet makeover where she used an amazing fresh floral print!) I knew it would be the solution.

At first, I was really feeling this marble-esque wall mural, but then both Dan and I decided that it was too cold feeling for our bedroom. I can imagine it being absolutely stunning in an urban loft or city townhouse or something though. We wanted something with warmth and pop. And that’s when we both saw this Outside the Lines removable wall paper.

I’ll let that sink in – yes…. it’s REMOVABLE.

I was totally skeptical TBH, but we prepared by reading the instructions out loud a bunch of times and then tag teaming the actual project. Just like regular wallpaper, this stuff is easier to install if you have a second set of hands – but you can in theory install it yourself. It’d just probably take you a bit longer.

We spent the longest amount of time on the first panel. One thing I actually love about this product (versus traditional wallpaper, with which I have a lot of experience), is that it comes in pre-cut 8 foot lengths. This drastically reduced the amount of measuring and fiddling we had to do. #WIN

It is re-stickable – which is also a big win. Basically, you position it at the top and get the left side straight and then pull the backing off like a big sticker and smooth it onto the wall. Once we got the hang of how to get the edges overlapped about 1/4″ – the rest of the panels went up with relative ease.

I will say – this product is not as thick as some premium papers, so it doesn’t actually hide the massive imperfections in our previously mantle-clad walls as I had hoped – but once we put the furniture back in place, we couldn’t tell … ANNNNNND, it’s still light years better than paint, which seemed to emphasize the flaws to no end.

One thing we did that saved us a lot of time was removing the baseboards and just hanging the paper straight to the floor. We put the baseboards back to create a smooth line. If you can do this (even when painting) it’s just a much nicer finish.

All in all….. I HEART WALL πŸ™‚

Yes. We did move the bed back into place with BUD STILL ON THE BED because SPOILED BOY. Seriously, this pic will crack me up forever. It’s legit so funny. 

And you guys! I think I found the lamps! Clearly, I’m being a commitment-o-phobe because they still have the plastic wrap on the shades… but these might be the winners!!!

And I so love how the navy in the headboard plays with the darker blues in the wall treatment. Le Love.

Of course, once I had that side of the room all ready, I wanted to see what the rest would look like. I’ve got some new bedding on order (it should arrive next week!), but I couldn’t resist pulling some stuff onto the bed to fake it a bit. I turned my current duvet cover inside out and tossed some pillows and new toss cushions onto the bed… and then I set to hanging the drapery panels I THOUGHT WOULD WORK.

*face palm*


Oh sweet mother of design DO NOT DO THATs.

Sooo I bought these panels online…and when they arrived I was IN LOVE with the colour. It’s a perfect, soft sea green and compliments the pattern in the boho quilted beach blanket I bought.

But as soon as I hung them up, it was every shade of OH NO. The pattern competed with my gorgeous wall….. and kinda made my eyes twitchy.

*le sigh*

All is not lost. I am going to go with my gut and likely rehang my old, tried and true, can-never-go-wrong, white panels and I will use these striped lovelies in another room at some point. Not a huge fail – these things happen, right? Truthfully, this gives me a good reason to start thinking about finally fixing up our living room, and, because all the drapes were taken down, I was able to do such a satisfying clean of the room πŸ˜‰

I’m taking it as a personal victory that once I’m finished this room, the second floor of our home will be more or less complete (until and unless we decide to entirely gut the main bath, but that’s not likely happening). I’ve been fine tuning my organizing and storage plans on this entire floor as we’ve been making our way through this bedroom makeover and I can feel how awesome it’s all going to be.

Next week – WEEK FIVE! – I’m going to tell you more about the bed and the new bedding I ordered, I’ll share a couple other decor pieces I’ve picked up and probably some pics of the white drapes hung back up too. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our post update emails. I try to send a quick email link when we publish a new post – it really is the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything πŸ™‚

Mostly, I’m excited to make the bed so I can have a nap…with the windows open… and the sunlight. It’s Spring now, you know! hehehe

See you then!

One Room Challenge Source List

Outside the Lines Removable Wall Paper | Furniture | Headboard | Wire and Fabric Baskets  | Lidded Wicker Baskets


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