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Holy guacamole with hot sauce and tacos… how is this happening? Today marks the beginning of a master bedroom transformation that has been years in the making! I have been talking about this project for about 8 billion times longer than it’s going to take me to actually DO the project LOL. With that said, this is going to be my first every foray into … *dun dun duuuuunnnnnn*


Otherwise known as the ORC. (Not those super creepy guys from LOTR. I swear.)

What’s the ORC? It’s an online design blog challenge wherein bloggers pick one room in their house to makeover and they do it in six weeks, documenting the entire process. Some of my blogging colleagues and friends have tackled super intense ORCs in the past. (I still can’t believe my gal Kristi from Making it in the Mountains did an entire farmhouse-style master bath in six weeks. You’ve gotta see it.) For my first attempt, however, I am going to go a bit easy on myself and tackle our master bedroom.

Today I thought it would be fun to look at this room as it’s evolved to now. The ultimate in BEFORE posts, if you will.

Also, make sure you’re following along on Instagram and Facebook. I’m going to try to push my personal limits and do some InstaStories, special posts and maybe an FB live for the big reveal ;P

The room was pretty sad sally when we moved in. This photo was taken the morning after we moved in – or at least that same week. 

Things to take note of (and then forget you ever saw):

  • The mantle. What. The Eff. It wasn’t even centred on that wall. AND it was full of paint drips and weird goo-ja things. Anyway …
  • The gappy trim at the ceiling. Ummmm… so that wasn’t even trim. It was 1×3 LUMBER that had been routed to fit into a corner. I don’t even know.
  • The boob-type light with one-bulb. Full stop.
  • The plastic heart-shaped, faux embroidery light switch covers? <– I’m really asking. Because WHY DO THOSE EXIST?
  • Our crappy furniture. Mea culpa. As I said, we were broke and had cobbled together the necessities in our old condo. It never really worked for our house.

At some point, we ripped that mantle off the wall and the “trim”.

Oh and within the first couple months, we also decided we needed to expand the closet. The door to the original closet was 22″ wide and swung into the room. (I think that’s why the mantle was off-centre. Whoever built it, did so thinking the closet door would always open into the room… I think? I dunno.)

This was the closet on move-in day. 

Here’s the transformation it went through. We actually ‘stole’ 3-feet from the upstairs hallway in order to increase the size of the closet. We also expanded that 22″ opening to 48″.

Walk-in Closet Before

Walk-in Closet

Then it became my office. For a full 18 months, I had this glorious room just for all my blogging! 

Budget Office Makeover

Then it became a bedroom again that was cramped and just full of mismatched stuff and it was not pretty and it was basically just BLLAAAAAAHHHHHH.

So that’s where we are now LOL.

I already shared my design board about a month ago. As you can probably tell, I’ve been thinking about this space for a very, very long time.

Since then, I’ve changed a couple many, many elements and made some adjustments to the colour palette and we will still have to see how the next six weeks plays out!

The basic steps will be:

  • Acquire new furniture (yeah!)
  • Up the style with paint and possibly a wall treatment
  • Bring in some texture elements and wall storage
  • Add some pattern with textiles
  • Figure out how to make the closet area more integrated into the room
  • Make bed and nap

I can’t wait to get this process going and to share it all with you! The six week countdown to a more grown-up and fun master bedroom is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.

I really hope you can follow along (and cheer me on!) Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Week Two will be all about the closet? The furnishings? I’m not even sure yet!!  🙂

UPDATE! We’re finished! Check out the whole series here:

Week One BEFORE | Week Two The Closet | Week Three The Furniture | Week Four The Accent Wall | Week Five Bedding & Accessories | Week Six REVEAL

Chat soon,



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