Rustic and Reclaimed Bedroom Furniture Shopping Guide


I just can’t stop talking about the bedroom y’all. I’m sorry (not sorry). I’m still coming off the high of our One Room Challenge. And, if I’m being honest, I still haven’t been able to get through all the comments on our posts and go through all the other amazing rooms that were re-done as part of the challenge. I’m getting there, I swear.

Missed it? Have no sweet clue what I’m talking about? Start with our Week One post here and then go through the six week challenge to see how we transformed our master bedroom πŸ™‚

BUT – one thing I heard from you over and over again throughout the six weeks was “I LOVE your furniture set!” I know, right? It’s super great. Each day, I’m more and more happy that we saved up and bought it. 

It took me MONTHS of sorting through online shops to find the right piece for us. We wanted something that blended a weathered and worn look, with some industrial elements, but that also packed a lot of storage space in. Trust me – it was no easy feat. I also really wanted something that sat up off the floor a bit because it makes cleaning and vacuuming much easier!! (I love cleaning so much, I wrote a post with all my best bedroom cleaning tips as part of the One Room Challenge too!)

Once I started to show you all our set in our bedroom, the response was AMAZING! I mean, I love it, but I didn’t expect so many other people to fall in love too! haha So, because I can’t give you my bedroom set – I did go back through my secret Pinterest board and pull out some of the other contenders we had sifted through on our quest to find the perfect set of rustic-modern bedroom furniture.

Each of these pieces has a quality I adore and I’m sure each would look lovely in the right spot! In fact, we also own that little six drawer crate dresser. I use it to store my crafting supplies in my studio.

Without further ado – here are my top picks for rustic bedroom furniture as found around the Internet. πŸ˜€


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