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A Peek at the Dresser, End Tables & Headboard | One Room Challenge Week 3

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It is Week Three of the One Room Challenge! This week I’m giving a bit of a peek at the dresser, end tables and headboard that we’ve chosen as the anchor pieces in our master bedroom.

In case you’re just hopping in today, here’s the TLDR version of the ORC: Design bloggers pick One Room in their home to makeover. The do it in just SIX weeks. They post once a week for that time period. They reveal the full makeover in Week Six.

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This week has to be a peek because a) I don’t want to spoil the entire surprise and b) I’m now moving all the furniture out of the room again because we really need to start painting the walls!

Progress is happening. It feels a bit slow, but I’m confident that it’ll all start to ramp up quickly. I’m feeling a little under the gun because we just got back from six days in Toronto with my family for Easter – so I need to get my engines revving up again to tackle the remainder of this room.

Normally when I makeover a room, the furniture is the last thing I bring into the space. But this room is bucking basically every trend – so of course I’m doing furniture first. LOL (Remember how I totally 100% had to abandon my initial design plan? Ya. This is not a normal makeover! haha)

In this case, we didn’t think we could live six weeks without furniture, plus we wanted a sense of the ‘weight’ of the furniture before moving onto the wall treatments and decor. One thing was for sure – we wanted solid wood furniture, with a rustic yet timeless feel. AND we definitely 100 million percent needed side tables with DRAWERS.

Let me tell you – finding bedside tables with large-ish drawers was a challenge. A lot of places sell small dressers but those felt too heavy, too tall and generally too boxy. Furthermore, many of the drawered side tables we found were really modern looking and didn’t jive with the bold, coastal feel we are going for. Dan and I shopped and shopped and SHOPPED for these tables. I’m thinking I could probably write a whole post with all the other options we had bookmarked and saved. Is that something you’d want to see?

We ended up finding the Bohemia set at Wicker Emporium and it is PERFECT for the space. It has lovely refurbished pallet wood construction and really neat metal pulls. Wicker Emporium is a Nova Scotia based retailer, but they now have online shopping and frequently have amazing sales. We got our set for 60% off! I forgot how heavy real, solid wood furniture can be. Man, these are HEAVY. We had to have our neighbour come help Dan get these upstairs!

It’s been such a nice change having drawers at our bedside. I’ve been using the top one to stash my night time books, vitamins and all those things. The tables have a lot more visual weight than I anticipated – which is also causing me to reconsider our lamp situation. We’ll see how that plays out. I guess I have three weeks to find the perfect set of lamps too. I’ve never really been fond of those ones we have now. They just seem a teeny bit too small and don’t have enough oomph or something. I dunno. I’m sure I will revisit this lamp topic with you before too long.

In EXCITING news, you can see a glimpse of the headboard we picked out in these shots!

It’s nothing short of glorious.

I love the stud details and the slight curve of the top edges. I don’t want to give you the full view yet because it’s just propped there for the moment. 

Speaking of which – YOU GUYS! I had one of those design epiphanies and I cannot… CANNOT wait to show you what I have in store for the wall treatment in this room! Originally I was going to go for a dark forest-type green, but it felt like I was forcing the concept. Nothing was coming together they way I expected. Here’s the colour chips I’d been staring at for a week. 

I talked about my big colour change decision last week when I addressed the closet and then gave you a full on of the new colour scheme in last Wednesday’s Monthly DIY Challenge where I explained how I made that wall jewelry rack.

On top of that… the drapes I wanted to order to go with the idea were discontinued. It just wasn’t working out. Maybe it’s the curse of the One Room Challenge? I’ve heard that’s a thing… haha

To be honest, I was stressed out like mega. But I decided to let it breathe for a bit and the perfect option presented itself. I can’t wait to keep the reveals and sneak peeks coming!

Are you following us on Instagram? I’ve got a bunch of reveal and process photos up there too!

Phew! Another week down. I am feeling like I have this room under control now. Next step – paint town… and wall treatment. Then we’ll be into the home stretch…

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Wayfair | Walls Need Love | City Scene Bedding | Stone Cottage Sheets

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