What I’ve discovered about the Mattress in a Box trend


Inside: Reviewing and researching the mattress and bed in a box trend – comparing four major brands; Endy, Douglas, Casper and Bloom.

I have a confession to make. A gross one. We knew we needed a new mattress. The one in the guest room is more than ten years old and everything we’ve read and been told says that you should replace mattresses about every decade or so. So, replacement was on my mind.

But then… then something horrendous happened that is speeding up the process. Now we REALLY need a new mattress. And I figured I’d take you along the journey and start by sharing what I’ve discovered about the Mattress in a Box trend.

mattress in a box trend

Before we get to this post though – you might want to have a gander at a couple other ‘bed’ posts I’ve done too!

One day, we accidentally locked our aging kitty Zuzu in the guest room. For like eight hours.

Oh my heart. It was a complete accident. I had been doing the laundry and house keeping and I dusted and mopped in there and closed the door, ironically, to keep the cats from messing it up again and she must have been hiding under the bed or in the closet and the poor girl got locked in.

It’s not the first time in my pet owning life that I’ve oopsed and done that – but Zuzu is 14, with a severe thyroid condition and she’s a bit of an anxious cat to begin with. She probably felt punished or something horrible. Anyway – over the course of however long she was locked in there – she proceeded to pee, poop, pee, poop and I think vomit ALL over the bed. I was able to triple wash the linens and soak them and they are totally fine – but the urine soaked to the mattress. OY.

I opened the windows, sprinkled almost an entire box of baking soda on the wet spots and vacuumed it like a maniac. It doesn’t smell and I got most of it out – but in my mind, I now think of it as the ‘pee-poop bed’ and that’s just not very inviting. LOL

So we are buying a mattress – stat. We’ll move our master bedroom mattress into the guest room and put the new mattress on our bed. (And toss the pee poo one).

In all our research to replace the mattress, we’ve been looking hard at the Mattress in a Box trend. While we haven’t fully made up our minds yet – here’s what we’ve discovered about the various brands and what we’re considering for our purchase.

Bed in a Box Features & Research

Endy Mattress

My brother and sister in law recently purchased an Endy mattress and they swear by it. In fact, my SIL says she looks forward to climbing into her bed after being away on vacation. That was enough to get me intrigued.

  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Three layers of high quality ‘memory foam’
  • Comes with its own bedding
  • Free shipping in Canada
  • 100 night free trial and returns
  • 10 year warranty
  • Queen starts at 850 CAD

Douglas Mattress

I was intrigued by the Made in Canada feature and decided to find another competitive company that is also made here. Enter Douglas. It’s owned by Novosbed, the wildly successful company behind Logan & Cove mattresses.

  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Eco-friendly made with renewable eucalyptus fibres
  • Free shipping in Canada
  • Three layers of foam and one of ‘cooling’ gel foam
  • 120 night free trial and returns
  • 15 year full replacement warranty
  • Queen starts at 749 CAD

Casper Mattress

I think the Casper was the first ever mattress in a box ad I saw – like years ago. I can’t be sure of that, but it was actually the first company I searched when I started my research. It has a giant website and seems to be winning at the marketing at least. I am fairly certain we won’t go with a Casper because I’m committed to Canadian made – but here’s what I found out about Casper either way.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping in the US & Canada
  • Has pillows, sheets, nap pillows, dog beds available
  • Four layers of foam and cooling gel foam
  • 100 night free trial and returns
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Queen starts at 1175 CAD

Bloom Mattress

I gravitated to Bloom because it’s the new mattress in a box being sold by Sleep Country – which is definitely a large and well-respected Canadian brand. It’s where we bought our current master bedroom mattress when we moved in (which has been excellent) and it’s also where we bought the twin mattress we used to have on our day bed. It was barely used and is in storage waiting for Piper to transition to a big girl bed. OMG my Mommy heart can’t handle that. Anyway – that’s why I checked out the Bloom mattress. Here’s what I discovered.

  • Made in China
  • Has a bamboo layer and three foam layers
  • Free shipping
  • 100 night sleep guarantee with NO RETURNS only an exchange
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Queen starts at 995 CAD

I know there are lots of other mattress in a box companies out there – have you purchased one? Let me know. And I’ll come back soon and let you know what we’ve decided. Oh – and next time I tidy up, I’m going to make triple sure I haven’t locked up the cat.

UPDATE! We got a mattress. Check out this initial review post to see what we decided on and why.

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