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How to Paint an Exterior Door

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Inside: How to paint an exterior door using DecoArt Curb Appeal paint; give your entry a facelift of colour in just a few hours!

It’s high time for a good before and after isn’t it? Okay, well this is going to be part one of a couple before and afters of this little front entry way, but I couldn’t wait any longer to talk about this paint job on our front door! It’s made such a difference in the cheeriness of our home and our neighbours are all commenting on how it brightens the house. Today, I’m sharing with you how to paint an exterior door. 

First things first, you’ll need the right supplies. Luckily, the list is quite short. I used DecoArt Curb Appeal Paint (in Willmington Blue) and a foam brush and roller. That’s it! (You can see all my favourite paint supplies here).

You could obviously use tape if you felt you need it, but I didn’t find it was necessary. I just took my time with the paint. 

A few things to note, you’ll want to sand down your door lightly before starting. I used a basic sanding block for this. You could use medium grit sand paper too. It doesn’t really matter. The point is, you want to remove any existing loose bits of paint or debris before painting your door. Then just wipe it down with a rag to remove dust. 

This paint is honestly top notch. I didn’t even prime the door before painting! I started with the inset bits and used the foam brush to cut into the corners and then followed up with a roller. One thing to note is the temperature when you’re painting anything outside. I tried my best to find a couple days when it was relatively warm (ie. above freezing) and dry (ie. no torrential downpours). 

This paint is specially formulated for outdoors and I checked with the manufacturer as well as a few other bloggers before painting in November and all of them said it will be a-okay. However, I intend to report back after the winter. I’m a little skeptical that it cured properly in the cold. We shall see. 

An ideal scenario is to paint the door when it’s around 10C outside and dry. 

It took about two hours for the first coat to completely dry and I propped the door open with a few rags and my step ladder while it was drying. If you don’t do this, your door will stick shut 🙂 This is just another reason you’ll want to paint your door on a day when it’s not too cold. 

After two coats, it looked shiny and new and I honestly couldn’t be happier!

The next phase for this little entry way is to replace the brass door knobs with a new keyless entry system (hello! no more fishing for house keys while carrying a toddler and groceries!) and to replace the horrible lantern light situation. The current one isn’t in any of the photos – but trust me when I say, it looks like something from medieval times and it’s horrible. 

I’d also like to replace the mailbox with a planter of some sort. We don’t use the mailbox for mail because we have a community delivery box at the end of the street. I’m not entirely sure why the previous owners had a mail box there. It’s falling apart and needs to be addressed. Any ideas? 

Let’s not even get into the fact that I’m desperate to rebuild the porch. That will definitely have to wait until after the snow flies. 

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