Kitchen Renovation Before & After Comparisons


I love a good before and after! And while you can read about all the juicy renovation details in our final kitchen reveal post, I thought some side by side views might be fun!

The shots below are from the old dining room into the kitchen and then the new view with the wall down.

It’s incredible what taking out a wall can do!

wide view of custom corner shelves

Instantly you see how the space flows so much better! You can see in this comparison how much extra light it creates too.

The change is even more dramatic from the opposite side of the kitchen. In the landscape photo on the left, you see how the fridge was literally in the middle of the room. Pulling down the wall, opened up the space, allowing us to move the fridge to the back wall.

And it created this awesome view right through to the new dining room (old sunroom).

This corner was so tight, I couldn’t even get a full portrait style photo!

This view was a dramatic change I wasn’t fully expecting, but it’s one of my favourites!

From the sun room into the old dining room, you used to see the stairs and the wall and there wasn’t much light or flow.

Now the new kitchen cabinets come all the way to the edge of the open stairs and create a much more cohesive feel.

Using the same before photo here to show the other side of drama 🙂 Without the wall, we were also able to add in more than five-feet of new cabinet space that goes from the floor all the way to the ceiling!

In the background you see where the old rolling pantry was replaced with an actual pantry and a super fun chalkboard wall that we use every day to capture our meal plan and shopping list.

If you want to see full details of the entire renovation, start to finish, I’ve capture everything on the Home Hardware Kitchen Renovation Page!

And if you love that, then be sure to also have a look at the dramatic before and after from my home office! We pulled down an exterior load bearing wall to double the size of the space (and flood my office with sunlight) and it’s just as dramatic as the kitchen transformation!

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