8 Best Baby Cribs with Changing Table [2021 Comparison]


Having a child usually means all your activities and your life become centered on the baby’s needs. The same thing happens to your home – everything has to be adjusted for the baby. 

One of the most important things to consider when expecting a baby is its crib and the changing table. These two spaces are the ones you’ll need the most, especially at the beginning. Here’s the ultimate comparison guide of the best baby cribs with changing table!

diy changing table, Best Baby Cribs with Changing Table

Your lifestyle and your specific needs play a major role in the ultimate choice. However, if you require a good deal for the crib with a changing table that is easy to assemble and can be purchased online, then this article is for you.

Here I will feature the best baby cribs with a changing table with all the information you need to get the one that will make your life easier once you become a parent. 

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Why opt for a Baby Crib with Changing Table?

How to DIY A Changing Table - The Easy Guide, Baby Crib with Changing Table

If this is your first time hearing about the baby cribs with a changing table, you should be aware that these pieces of furniture are a very practical way to have a sleeping place for your kid. 

At the same time, it is the place where you can change the baby’s diapers. 

They are especially useful if you are parents-to-be for the first time, and if you find it challenging and time-consuming to get all the right nursery items separately. 

Advantages of a Baby Crib with Changing Table

  •  When you have a baby crib with a changing table, you don’t need much effort, nor the time to move around with the baby from the bed to its changer.
  • The great thing is that all your baby supplies are always within your reach, and at the same time unharmful for the baby because the little one can’t reach them.
  • Cribs with changing tables are cost-efficient, as you don’t buy them separately.
  • Buying a set makes your life easier because you don’t need to worry about matching the style and color.
  • It is great for small spaces, especially if you don’t have a separate room for the nursery.  

Best Overall Pick: Dream On Me Brody 5-in-1

The best overall pick for the baby crib with a changing table is the Dream On Me Brody 5-in-1. You will get a great and safe crib for a good price and use it to its fullest. 

It has everything your child needs while growing, and you can actually use it for other things later on.

Check prices here

1. Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 Baby Crib with Changing Table

  • Detachable changing table part
  • Great for smaller spaces
  •  Dimensions: 56.75’’x41’’

The good thing about this particular convertible crib with a changing table is that it comes with a detachable changing table (you get three drawers too).

It is quite useful if you are dealing with the lack of rooms, as you can have both a baby crib and a changing table while saving precious space.

Its design is minimalistic, you can get either a black, grey, or white crib with a changing table, so it is a fine choice if you are struggling with the nursery décor. 

Like many other convertible baby cribs with a changing table, this one also comes with an adjustable mattress with three height positions.

It also features a changing pad and a restraining strap for the better security of the baby. 

One of the things I found important, and it was also highlighted in one of the reviews, is that the assembly is straight-forward, and the package comes with the instructions, so you shouldn’t experience any difficulties with that part.

You’ll love this baby crib with a changing table combo!

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2. Meadowland 5-In-1 Sugar Cane Convertible Crib And Changer

  • Comes with five converting options
  • Slightly higher weight limit than other cribs
  • Dimensions: 47’’x30.75’’

If you are fond of rustic designs, then this is one of the baby cribs with a changing table you’ll love.

Besides having the changing pad that is water-resistant and the security strap, this is also a crib with storage and a changing table that will fit all of the baby’s needs for a longer period.

You can count on open shelves for additional storage. This convertible set is handy because you can use it as a full-size bed. 

It goes really well in any kind of nursery, but it can fit the living room if needed too. If you want a nice DIY changing table option, note that all the tools for the assembly of this fine baby bed with changing table attached are included in the order along with the detailed instructions.

Still, as some people found it difficult to follow the part names in the instructions, make sure you familiarize yourself with the materials and tools first. 

To get a closer look at the Meadowland 5-In-1 sugar cane convertible crib and check prices here.

Check reviews here

3. Dream On Me Brody 5-in-1

  • Good value for money
  • Detachable changing table
  • Dimensions: approximately 69’’x39’’

Unlike other baby cribs with changing table mentioned in this comparison, this convertible crib has mattress support with four levels, which gives your baby additional security and comfort.

It also comes with the guard rail that makes it easier to convert the crib as the child grows.

Another really nice thing is that this crib with an attached changing table has a good quality wood construction that makes it strong and sturdy. The drawers are great to use separately later on as they look natural, and they have space for different types of supplies.

This convertible crib is a great DIY project for you and your partner as it comes with easy to follow instructions and all tools, but the parts can be a bit heavy for one person to assemble.

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4. Timechee 5-in-1 Foldable Baby Cradle with Changing Station

  • Super-useful if you are breastfeeding (or planning on breastfeeding) 
  • Comes with a basket and silent wheels with brakes
  • Dimensions: 28″x30 “

This is one of my choices when it comes to portable multipurpose baby cribs with a changing table. This crib with a changing table on top allows you to put your baby to sleep effortlessly. It can also be used as a reference for DIY a changing table topper alternative.

Since it has wheels, it is easy to move it whenever and wherever. It is a suitable fit if you have a house and a yard, as you can enjoy a nice day outside and still take care of your infant.

Check all the features of this crib with a baby changing table topper here.

The basket is a great addition as you can use it for a lot of things like diapers, toys, and so on.

Although it is not your standard crib with storage and changing table, it is by far one of the easiest DIY options, as you can set it up or disassemble it really fast which makes it easy to transport. 

Check prices here

5. Remi Gray 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer

  • It has a large drawer underneath
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Dimensions: 35.94’’x71.8’’

When it comes to cribs with attached changing table, Remi Gray has a very appealing aesthetics besides its other outstanding qualities.

It is not among typical baby cribs with drawers because it has an additional, large drawer beneath its convertible crib.

Note that the mattress for these baby cribs with the changing table attached should be purchased separately. You can find all the information about it here

You should be aware of the fact that baby cribs with storage of this type are low profile, which makes them more accessible. However, some parents can find it unsuitable as it can be uncomfortable for the back.

Check prices and reviews here

6. Little Seeds Crib and Changing Table Set

  • Easily fits any type of space
  • Mattress and the changing pad are of standard dimensions
  • Dimensions: 40”x 34.17”

Are you a fan of the Victorian era? Then these kinds of convertible cribs with changing tables are yours to consider.

This set is not only a good match for any type of home décor you have, but its sturdy build and non-toxic materials are great news for your baby’s wellbeing and safety. 

You can get these environment-friendly baby cribs with changing table sets here.

The changing table comes with two drawers, and it can be an opportunity for you to try and do the DIY Changing Pad Cover project that will fit this crib perfectly. 

Check prices here

7. Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

  • The bassinet and the canopy can be fully removed
  • Locking mechanism and a music center with the volume control
  •  Dimensions: 39.75″x32″

As its name suggests, these models are more than baby cribs with changing table: they are nursery centers. You don’t have to think of alternatives to changing tables with this crib, it already has a flip-away built-in.

Moreover, it has a pocket that can be used as storage for baby supplies or toys. It is a great portable and easily foldable solution out there. And one of the coolest things you get is the music option!

This attractive and affordable baby crib with an attached changing table is for you if you are looking for a lot of extra features, and you can check them out here.

It can be a great help for soothing the baby, especially with the natural sounds it provides. However, according to some of the reviews, the crib might become smelly, so make sure to clean it as often as possible.

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8. Steveston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer with Drawer

  • It has two open shelves within reach
  • Suitable for apartments with modern décor
  • Dimensions: 59.37’’x37.75’’

This is a typical wooden choice for all of us who have to think twice before buying.

As the opposite of the changing tables with hamper, the changing table of this convertible crib comes with the classic safety strapped option.

You can find Steveston’s 4-in-1 convertible crib and changer with a drawer here.

Besides, it has a water-resistant changing pad, and it is conveniently designed so it saves a lot of space. Have in mind that the mattress is not included when purchasing online.

Check on Amazon here

Final thoughts on baby cribs with a changing table

Now that you’ve had the chance to go through some of the best baby cribs with a changing table available, I would like to point out that whatever you choose, the safety of your baby is the one thing that mustn’t be neglected. 

This means that whether you go with the crib with a changing table and dresser, or some other option, you should never leave your baby unattended.

If this is your first time having a baby, you can check this Parent’s checklist to make sure the baby’s room is safe at all times.

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