8 Best Changing Pads for Dresser


As parents-to-be, we have a lot of things on our minds. We spend days, even months making plans for the nursery. 

Choosing the best changing pad for a dresser is among those activities, as this is one of the few things that will make your life easier once the baby comes.

There are many things to consider when purchasing crucial baby items. You want to know if the product is safe, can you afford it, does the quality matches the price, and so forth.

Baby Boy On Diaper Changing Pad cover

I know how exhausting research can be, which is why here you will find a useful overview of the 8 changing pads for dressers. This way, deciding among the best changing pad for the dresser you need will be a lot easier, and you’ll have more time to focus on the new bundle of joy you’re expecting. 

Remember, changing pads are all about being a clean and safe diaper-changing space, and you can find the ideal changing table dresser top in the text below. 

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Editor’s Pick: Original Cotton Rope Baby Changing Basket

When I want to purchase something, the main criteria is how practical the product is, and will I get good value for money.

In this case, the Original Cotton Rope Baby Changing Basket ticks all the boxes. 

You get an easily movable and great diaper changing station, and it takes no effort to assemble and disassemble it. 

 Also, I like to think that I am one eco-friendly person and that I can make a difference with my buying choices. 

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1. 4-Sided Diaper Changing Pad, 32″ with 100% Organic Cotton

The number of sides on the changing table dresser topper can be a decisive factor. This is where a 4-sided changing pad can come in handy.

This particular model provides additional safety for the baby since one of its features is a non-skid bottom that prevents sliding.

The main material of this changing table topper for the dresser is cotton, covered with waterproof material.

Take a look at the first among our eight best changing pads for dressers here.

If you search for a non-toxic and deluxe solution, this 4-sided change pad for the dresser might be a perfect choice. Its dimensions are 32in x 16 in, and it features all necessary safety straps.

The fact that the pad cover is not removable might seem like a downside. However, this can be easily fixed by purchasing an additional pad cover, or even better – by considering a DIY changing pad cover project.

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2. Bedsure Diaper Changing Pad Waterproof with Liner

Do you know how there are various ways to convert or repurpose the already existing furniture pieces into baby-friendly ones? Well, the Bedsure changing pad is a great asset for having a good baby changing table dresser.

First of all, the pad is of standard dimensions (32in x 16in) which means that it will fit most table dresser types. Of course, it has security straps so your baby can be fixed on the pad while you change the diaper.

If you are interested in learning more about this dresser top changing pad, click here.

This changing pad for the dresser is made mostly of polyurethane foam, and contrary to the model we have seen first, Bedsure has a removable cover.

You might consider Bedsure as one of the best changing pad dresser toppers simply because, unlike others, it comes with an extra pad. This means you can remove the topper and wash it whenever you need it.

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3. LA Baby Contoured Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad

L.A. Baby’s Contour Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad is an ideal solution for parents who are valuing hypo-allergenic and stain-resistant covers.

The main reason why you’ll love this changing pad for the dresser top is the fact that it is so easy to clean.

The cover is built so it can withstand all sorts of baby urges. Its dimensions are approximately 30in x 16in, and it also has two high sides (4in each) to provide additional security for the toddler.  

If this looks like one of the best changing pads for a dresser you’d purchase, find more info here.

One thing you can find especially useful is that there is an additional changing pad dimension option, and it is 32in x 16in.

This is good to know if you are planning on having a changing table with baskets, or if you are buying some of the baby cribs with a changing table.

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4. Sealy Baby Soybean Contoured Diaper Changing Pad for Dresser

Contrarily to the changing pads we mentioned before, Sealy Baby Soybean Changing Pad has contours on three sides. When comparing it to the other pads we overviewed, there is another unique feature – natural soybean oil enhancement. 

Also, it is interesting to note that the manufacturer has a tradition of over 70 years in producing all kinds of baby-related products.

Soybean changing pad has a reasonable price, it is light-weighted, and it is also among the non-toxic pads on the market.

And if you want to know more about the Sealy Baby Soybean Changing Pad for Dresser, take a look at the following link.

The foam used for this changing pad on the dresser is durable and firm, yet comfortable. It provides a natural feeling for the baby.

For those who prioritize a high number of security options, this baby changing topper for the dresser comes with the hardware used to anchor the security straps. The dimensions are not exactly standard as they are 32in x 16in.

If you are tight on the budget, or you struggle with finding a suitable pad cover, take a look into some DIY changing table topper ideas here.

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5. Serta Perfect Sleeper Contoured Changing Pad

Having a nice, plushy changing pad seems like something a baby would really like. And every parent wants what’s best for their kids.

Even the name of this pad points out that it should be considered as one of the best changing pads for dressers. Its design is a bit different, as it has curved edges and a quick-release security buckle.

To take a better look at this practical changing pad, click here.

What is also really likable is that the pad cover comes with a sheep pattern. You can remove it and wash it (even in the machine), and beneath it has an easy-to-clean vinyl layer.

It is also perfect for any changing table dresser combo as its dimensions allow you to use other pad covers of standard sizes.

The manufacturer put an effort to make the unboxing easier for the parents, so the Serta Perfect Sleeper Contoured Changing Pad comes in a small, convenient box.

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6. Skip Hop Changing Pad

What’s really cool about this changing pad is that its aesthetics allow it to fit perfectly in any kind of nursery. It is super easy to clean as you simply need to take a damp cloth and wipe it whenever you need it.

It is useful to know that the dimensions of the Skip Hop changing pad are 31.5in x 18.25in, which means that you’ll probably have to dig a bit to find a perfectly fitting pad cover.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of changing pad cover DIY options to choose from too.

The Skip Hop changing pad is simple, thin, and easy to use, and you can find more information about it here.

This changing pad can be a good choice if you are planning on doing changing table DIY. When doing homemade changing table projects, the simple and squishy pad can come in handy.

Also, the attachable non-skid base along with the safety straps gives you enough security precautions.

There was one useful tip among the reviews in case you want to remove the pad and the adhesive from the dresser – you can use a plastic scraper.

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7. Original Cotton Rope Baby Changing Basket

It is said that Original Cotton Robe is one of the first changing baskets made in this style and from their particular materials. We all care about our children, but it is also important that we care about our environment.

Eco-friendly features are one of the main reasons you should consider buying the Cotton Rope as one of the best changing table dresser options for the nursery.

When it comes to looks, the basket has a combination of camel and white colors, and the basket handles are made from vegan leather.

To take a more detailed look into this environment-friendly changing pad, follow this link.

The design is intentionally minimalistic, and it goes hand in hand with the foldability and light-weight of the changing basket.

You won’t have to think about moving the whole nursery around the house, you simply fold the basket and move it whenever and wherever you find it suitable.

Even the packaging is plastic-free, and there is no need for assembly once you purchase this changing top for the dresser.

Still, it is noted among the reviews that the handles might need a bit of shaping when you unbox the order, but that it is easy to form them properly.

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8. DaVinci Universal Removable Changing Tray

Changing tables should be convenient for both, the child and the parent. One of the most convenient changing trays for dressers you can consider obtaining is certainly DaVinci’s universal changing tray.

To get a more detailed overview of this changing tray, look here.

This tray has a wooden component (made of pine wood), and you can choose from seven different colors. The tray is also removable, which allows you to repurpose your best changing table dresser once your toddler grows.

The fact that it comes pre-assembled will give you peace of mind. I must mention that it also has no-slip pads which will prevent any undesired movement of the changing tray.

DaVinci’s changing tray is well constructed and regardless of the color, the paint is of high quality, and it is harmless to your baby.

Check prices here

Final thoughts about changing pads for dressers

As you can see, there are many things to consider when researching the best changing pad for a dresser.

I have mentioned a few DIY options for the changing pad, but another budget-friendly option to think about is making a DIY changing table dresser.

And if you are really struggling with having too many things to buy, and little or no money nor time to do it, think about changing the basket as an alternative to changing tables.

It will certainly make your life less painful while dealing with the insane amount of dirty diapers and sleep deprivation.

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