8 Great Changing Table Organizer Ideas


There is a saying that a good organization is at least 50% of the job. From my point of view, being a full-time parent (and entrepreneur) requires an even bigger percent, so changing table organizer ideas can be a huge help.

When you are expecting your first kid, there is a big chance that the excitement of preparing for the nursery will overwhelm you.

In most cases, the functionality and the budget are obvious criteria for each piece of furniture you buy, and changing the table is no exception.

Great Changing Table Organizer Ideas

There are always things you’ll need to buy additionally, so don’t let that discourage you. Nobody is perfect at the beginning, and there is a certain beauty about it.

Anyhow, there is no such thing as a ”manual” for changing table organization. There are, however, some suggestions that were helpful to many other parents (including me), and you can find them useful.

You can make all the adjustments you want, at the end of the day, the important thing is that you have all of the baby stuff on hand, and to make the changing diaper activities as simple and smooth as possible.

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Overview: Must-Haves for Changing Table Organizer Ideas

  1. IKEA Box Bins
  2. Diaper Hanging Storage Hangers
  3. Whitmor Split Topper Driftwood
  4. Wire Storage Bins
  5. Door Hamper
  6. Mesh Rolling Cart
  7. Baby Diaper Caddy
  8. Drawer Dividers

1. Use drawer storage box bins

Changing Table Organizer Ideas bins

If you have a changing table, or you plan to buy one, then you know that there are plenty of models and sizes. In my case, I have a DIY changing table dresser, because I really dealt with the lack of space and budget (who doesn’t).

But the thing is, that even with the dresser drawers (and I thought I had THE best changing table dresser since I made it), I still had an issue with organizing towels, linens, clean diapers, baby clothes, and so on.

This is where Ikea’s box bins helped me. First of all, they are super easy to install – you simply insert them where you want. You can buy a set of 6, 12, 18, or 24 box bin pieces, and budget-wise, they cost approximately 2$ each! – Check prices here

There are so many ways you can use the box bins. First of all, you can use them in the dresser drawers so you can separate the clothes, the towels, and other accessories.

Secondly, you can put a box bin next to the drawer and put the dirty diapers in it. Or, if you have a dresser that is actually remodeled as a DIY changing table with a hutch, the box bins are perfect for the hutch. They are light and can be easily removed.

2. Install Hanging Holder for the Diapers

Changing Table Organizer Ideas holders

Whether you have a changing table with baskets, or you are fond of baby cribs with changing table, there is a good chance you will adore changing table hanging organizer.

The first reason – a lot of stuff can be put inside a hanging holder. The second reason – you are not dependent on the drawers, the hutches, etc.

Another thing, hanging changing table organizer is also great to put toys in, if you add it to the baby crib. Also, as your toddler grows, you can repurpose it. 

The hanging holders are easy to place, and the average price varies between 10$ and 20$. They are made in different sizes and with a different number of brackets so it is really up to you to decide what fits your nursery the most. – Check prices here

3. Utilize the baskets

Changing Table Organizer Ideas baskets

A changing table you choose depends also on the location where you want to put it.

If you are, for example living in a house, and to get to the baby’s room requires going up and down the stairs several times a day, it can be quite exhausting.

A changing table with baskets might be just the thing you need to overcome this type of challenge as they can be easily blended as a part of living room décor.

Also, some models are very light, and since the baskets can be fully and easily removed, you can move them according to your needs.

Basket is one of the essential diaper changing table organizer ideas. Also, depending on the material, a smaller basket can be a perfect tabletop organizer where you can put lotions, baby powder, wipes, etc.

The bigger baskets that are usually placed below the changing table can be organized, so the clean diapers, extra linen, and towels are in the upper baskets. The lower baskets can be used for the things you don’t need that often.

For example, a friend of mine adores Split Rattique tank topper. It comes with 3 smaller basket spaces and you can place it on the tabletop as a changing table basket organizer for smaller items for as low as 12$. – Check prices here

4. Wall storage is an option

Changing Table Organizer storage

Lack of space is something parents deal with all the time.

Sometimes you need to get really creative to manage to fit any amount of stuff to the limited storage options, not to mention, the need for a baby nursery organizer that provides reaching each item at any moment.

It consists of three metal bins, and since it is transparent, it is very easy to reach the things you need as you see them at all times.  It is also easy to install, you get the manual and all the hardware for about $47.

This is the ideal option if you want to have a diaper changing organizer on sight as the metal bins are big enough.

The other option I mentioned above are open wooden shelves that are easily installed, and perfect as a beginner DIY project!

You have three simple open wooden shelves installed above the changing table, and can be ideal for baby wipes, lotions, and other cleaning and related baby stuff.

There are actually two options I would recommend here. The first one is a simple metal basket wall mounting construction. – Check prices here

5. Metal cart with wheels 

Changing Table Organizer Ideas cart

If you improvised with the changing table or made a DIY changing table topper without big storage space, you might consider metal carts with wheels.  It is one of the changing table organizer ideas you’d want to implement.

First of all, this is an easily movable option.

You can organize the baby stuff, and just move the whole cart in the corner of the room if there is not enough space to keep it next to the changing table all the time.

These carts are very useful if you have extra baby staff you simply want to have around.

If you have a wall-mounted changing table, you will appreciate this type of organizing, as the cart can simply be put below the changing table. When talking about the wall-mounted changing tables, you should keep in mind that changing pad cover DIY is often made for them.

This means that you can remove the DIY changing pad cover when cleaning the pad and put it in one of the cart shelves, and since they are made from metal, you don’t have to worry about stains in the storage space.

This basic metal cart with wheels is an affordable product since it costs around $26. – Check reviews here

6. Hanging Hamper for dirty diapers

Changing Table Organizer hamper

No parent can be ready enough for the daily amount of dirty diapers and dirty clothes. Changing and cleaning behind your toddler, especially in the first years, happens multiple times a day.

Imagine the agony of not planning properly the space for used diapers (or the dirty ones). Not only the clean things can pick up the smells or stains, but it is also not hygienic for the kid.

This is where the hanging hamper can really save the day! It is one of the most amazing assets for sorting out the things to wash or throw away.

The advice we hear all the time as parents-to-be is that babies move a lot and that we can’t move our eyes from them at all while changing them. Well, that is definitely true.

Hamper simplifies the process because you instinctively throw the things below you. Also, the hamper is spacy and wide enough, you don’t even have to look down after a while.

A hanging hamper is something I’d strongly recommend if you don’t have one of the changing tables with the hamper already. And even if you do, you can just hang the hamper at the side of the changing table and use it to store something else. 

Check prices here

7. Diaper Caddy

diaper caddy nursery

The diaper caddy is probably one of my favorite changing table organizer ideas. The main reason is that it allows me to be ready in every situation and wherever I go with my baby.

The diaper caddy I use is compact and easy to carry around. It has removable dividers, which is extremely helpful for creating an ”essential changing kit” of sorts.

I usually use the original, 3-divide system to insert the diapers, the wipes, and the burp cloths.  If you need to visit your friends, for example, you can reorganize the ”kit” and even put the changing pad in the caddy.

Outside the house, you don’t have to worry about where or how you’ll change your baby’s diapers.

On the other hand, inside the house, a diaper caddy is great as a basket organizer to compliment the nursery. – Check prices here

8. Expandable drawer dividers

drawer dividers, nursery

Having at least a set of drawer dividers is a must when organizing the storage spaces.  The most recommended ones are both adjustable and expendable, which means they can fit all kinds of drawers. 

Like all of the ideas listed above, these dividers are also extremely easy to use. You just figure out how many you want to use, adjust the length of each divider, and insert them in the drawer. 

One tip from personal experience: try different ways of folding towels and linens.

In recent years I roll them rather than fold, and I managed to increase the number of items in my drawers. – Check prices here

Final thoughts

There are numerous changing table organizer ideas you can implement in your home. At the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preferences.  And the amount of money you can invest in these ideas. 

Here I tried to showcase some simple and affordable ways to make your parenthood smoother in the first years, at least when it comes to the diaper-related stuff.

There are always alternatives, just as you can always find an alternative to changing table you want.  

Remember, as long as shelves are full of things according to your own taste and needs, you have the most perfect organized changing table there is. 

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