8 Best Changing Tables with Baskets – The Ultimate Comparison


If you had the opportunity to change a baby’s diapers before, you would agree with me that it is not practical nor comfortable to reach for other things while doing it. This is a good example of why a good changing table is an essential part of your nursery.

Of course, there are many things to consider when buying such an item. You will want to know if it fits the room you want, the style you want, and most of all, does it have enough storage and how accessible it is. 

Baby Boy On Diaper Changing Pad cover, Best Changing Tables with Baskets

What you need mostly depends on your preferences and the budget. 

But rest assured that one of the handiest pieces of furniture you will get while expecting a child can be found among the changing tables with baskets. 

If you want to make your life easier for at least a year and make the right purchase, you should read this article, as the changing tables for nurseries are used at least five times a day.

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Why opt for a Changing Table with Baskets?

handmade changing table with baskets

There are many types of changing tables for babies. Different factors can influence your choice, and as I already mentioned, it mostly depends on your lifestyle.

Changing table with baskets is first and foremost one of the practical answers. They have enough storage, they are secured, and they are affordable. 

Advantages of a Changing Table with Baskets

  • The height of changing tables is relevant. Changing table with baskets has a comfortable height for the adults. This is beneficial because the baby needs changing multiple times a day, and if you change it on the bed, for example, it can put a lot of stress on your knees and your back.
  • Changing tables for toddlers of this kind have enough storage space, so you can put all of the baby’s supplies, and have them close-by.
  • If you had, or you are planning to have a C-section, you should opt for this changing table. The main reason is the fact that you don’t need to be in the hunched position while changing the diapers of your child.
  •  As you can imagine, you are not dealing with clean diapers most of the time. The advantage of the changing table with storage is that it can contain the mess it might occur.
  • Changing table with baskets can be repurposed when the baby grows up. 

Best Overall Pick: Costway Pink Changing Table with Baskets

The one with the best value for money and my personal favorite is Costway Pink Changing Table with Baskets

It can accommodate both big and small rooms without getting in the way. Its functionality is on the spot, not to mention a great price.

Check prices here

1. Modern Baby Changing Table with 6 Storage Baskets

  • Baskets have plenty of storage
  • Easy to assemble (great as a DIY project)
  • Dimensions: 34.25’’x34.25’’

If you want a modern changing table with baskets, you will get the storage of three big and three smaller baskets along with the changing pad that is very easy to clean.

The rails are there to prevent your baby from falling, and you can even order an additional basket.

You will get the instructions and all necessary material to assemble the changing table, but make sure to check and familiarize yourself with all the pieces first.

If you want to know more about this modern baby changing table with 6 storage baskets, check prices here.

This way it would be much easier to follow the instructions properly and put everything together without effort. Some parents find the changing pad too thin, so consider looking up a DIY changing pad cover, just in case.

Check on Amazon

2. Badger Basket Convertible Changing Table with Baskets

  • Clever design for multiple purposes
  • Grey neutral, so it suits both baby girls and baby boys
  • Dimensions: 34″x32.5″

When it comes to baby changing tables with drawers, this particular model has two fully removable bins. You can use them to put towels, wipes, diapers, and many other essentials for the baby.

The changing pad is included in the order, and if this convertible badger basket changing table seems like a good fit, you can find it here

Its smart design enables you to switch the changing table into the playing table, which is really handy when the kid becomes more active. Do you know how children love to touch and chew on everything?

Well, the good news for the owners of this changing table with baskets is that all the paint is non-toxic.

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3. Kanal Soft Gray Changing Table

  • Removable rims can be used as a dresser
  • It comes with a five-year guarantee
  • Dimensions: 36’’x42.75’’

If you are looking for changing tables with drawers of different materials, you should check out this sturdy option. It comes with three drawers with metal handles and two big wicker baskets that can be easily pulled out. 

These baskets and drawers combined provide a significant amount for storage.

To learn more about this and similar solid wood changing tables click here.

The most lovable thing about the Kanal soft gray changing table is the fact that it can become a beautiful dresser when the child grows. 

However, because of its sturdy wooden construction, it is kind of heavy to move around, so make sure you decide where you want to put it beforehand.

Check prices here

4. Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table with 6 Storage Baskets

  • You get good value for the money
  • Fully removable baskets with front handles
  • Dimensions: 37.5’’x36’’

Sleigh style baby changing table has two kinds of baskets – the larger and the smaller ones.

The one with the bigger space can be used to store changing supplies or toys, while the small baskets can be used to have the baby wipes and lotions close by.

One of the downsides of this large storage space tho is the fact that according to the reviews, the drawers start to sag if you put a heavier load on them. Make sure to check this sleigh styled table online here

Additional stability of the changing table is provided by the metal bar located below the changing surface.

Have in mind that this changing table with baskets is actually reversible, which means that the basket positions can be reversed too.

Check prices here

5. Costway Pink Changing Table with Baskets

  • Changing tables at Walmart with removable hamper
  • The design is convenient for all rooms
  • Dimensions: 34.5’’x34’’

When you are struggling with the room for your baby’s nursery, and you are looking for the changing tables for small spaces, keep in mind that the Costway pink changing table with baskets might be the right choice. 

It is small enough to fit any room in your house, and at the same time, it is one of the changing tables with a fully removable hamper.

This model also has safety rails and belts, as well as non-toxic paint, which is helpful for the baby who tends to touch everything. My only objection would be the fact that you have to buy the changing pad separately, as it is not included in the original purchase.

Whether you need an additional changing table, or this is your first choice, you can order it here.

Since its design is convenient for a living room, as well as any other house space. Many consider purchasing the Costway pink model as a ‘’second changing station’’.

Check reviews here

6. Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Baskets

  • Enables using the corner of any room
  • Ideal choice when lacking nursery space
  • Dimensions: 35’’x40.25’’from corner to corner

It is amazing to see how different manufacturers deal with the challenges of meeting customers’ needs. When it comes to the changing table industry, capitalizing on the corner room spaces is an innovative approach. 

The diaper corner baby changing table comes with a basket and shelves for storage and one hamper that is also completely removable. 

This nursery item can be used anywhere in the house, and you can check it out here.

You can also use DIY a changing table topper alternatives and add them to provide more comfort.

It is functional, but overall, the quality of the materials might be something you should take into consideration.

Check on Amazon

7. Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table with Baskets

  • It has considerable hamper space
  • The drawers are durable
  • Dimensions: 37.5’’x36’’

What I really love about this changing table with baskets (except the fact that the hamper is super large and it has enough space to put whatever comes to your mind), is the fact that you can choose between six different colors. 

It also has three durable baskets, which means we don’t have to think a lot about the number of things we put into them as long as we can close them.

You get all the materials (even extras), and quite clear instructions on how to proceed. Check out the great price deals here.

Also, one of the things that not only me but other parents found superb, is the fact that once you stop needing the changing table, you can make a nice addition to the room where you can store different stuff.

This model is one of the examples of how to DIY a changing table without a lot of effort.

Check prices here

8. Wicker Changing Table Basket with Drawers

  • It has additional features that make it extra stable and very practical.
  • Easily movable changing table with baskets
  • Dimensions: 30.7’’x27.5’’

Beautifully crafted changing tables with wheels, this handmade changing table can’t be the wrong option.

You might find it slightly pricey, but if you consider the advantages of having a portable changing table made from fully natural materials, it might just be worth it. 

It is, however, pointed out that you’d need to double-check if the model you order (you can do it here) has a wheel-locking mechanism.

The table consists of a cabinet with the wheels, the shelf, and the changing basket. Although it has wheels, the construction is actually quite stable, so you won’t have to worry about the security.

You can use it in the baby’s room or move it to any other part of the house or the apartment.

Check prices here

Final thoughts on Changing Tables with Baskets

Changing tables with baskets are life-savers for all of us parents, especially in the first few months. If you are tight on the budget, there are alternatives to changing tables

However, I would encourage you to look at this as an investment that has long-term benefits for you as a parent, and your child.

When in trouble with the prices, you can also check the option of buying baby cribs with a changing table, as they are cheaper when bought as a set. 

It is also important to remember that among all the above-mentioned things, the well-being of the baby should always be prioritized. 

You can check the American Academy of Pediatrics’ here to get useful advice on how to make sure your children are healthy and safe at all times. 

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