This is the crib we bought and here’s why


Well the nursery is certainly starting to come together from a design perspective! I don’t think Dan and I are any more ready to actually be parents yet – but you know 🙂 We’ve been giving you peeks at the room in little bits as I’ve completed them. We’ve shown you our sweet bookcase, as well as our awesome DIY changing station. Today, we are talking about the crib!

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We have had lots of people ask us about what type of crib we are going to use – so this is the crib we bought and here’s why.Big-Oshi-Stephanie-Convertible-Crib-CRB-415

We ended up with the Baby Time International Big Oshi Stephanie Convertible Crib. We ordered it online through and it arrived really promptly. We went with white, mainly because our nursery is quite small and we didn’t want to add any visual weight to the space, but I also really like the natural finish too!This is the crib we chose

The crib was relatively easy to assemble. I couldn’t haul it up the stairs myself, so Dan did all of that. He took a couple hours to get it all set up. Now, this is a standard size crib and it’s convertible, which basically means it’s as long as a queen bed and once we’re ready (if we so choose), the components of this crib will convert into a head and foot board.

Initially, however, we had been convinced that we wanted a mini-crib. Smaller, more compact and frequently used in large urban and European settings (think: tiny London flat with no bedroom or NYC apartment with just a closet for a nursery), but pivoted when we realized mini crib sheets were hard to find and quite a bit more expensive and that the mattress selection wasn’t great for long-term baby sleeping.Crib Sneak Peak

I still think a mini crib would be great for the babysitter’s house or Gramma’s house or something like that. Ultimately, however, I’m quite happy we decided to go with a normal size crib.

One other thing to consider is the ‘paper work’ that comes with your crib. I made sure to carve out ten minutes the next day to fill out the recall form that came with our crib. It’s important to do this right away a) because if you don’t, it’ll probably end up in a drawer and you’ll forget and b) it’s likely the only way these companies can let you know about a safety issue if one crops up.How to choose the right crib

In terms of the mattress, we splurged a bit and bought the Baby Time International Big Oshi 5.8″ Baby Sleeptime Orthopedic Innerspring Mattress. Let me tell you – it is deluxe! I want to sleep on it! It’s firm, but cushy and it fits nice and snuggly into the crib itself. It was important to get a mattress that passed all the industry and health standards too in terms of use of chemicals, toxins and flammable materials. Just make sure you do your research before buying something.Options for a crib

The rest is outfitted for now with cotton jersey crib sheets and some gender neutral accessories. I plan to write more about that Alphabet Soup Wall soon too!

Either way, I’m curious about your crib selection adventures. What did you have to consider when purchasing a crib? What did you like? What didn’t you like?



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