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Paint Your Own Pink Ombre Dresser {TUTORIAL}


Inside: Full tutorial to paint your own pink ombre effect on a dresser! Perfect for a kids room; plus how to mix the ombre paint yourself. 

We are going deep into the DIY archives for this project. I did this up a while ago and somehow it never ended up on the blog! But with the resurgence in ombre EVERYTHING, I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick tutorial for how you can create your own ombre painted dresser. I’ve done mine in a coral-pink hue, but this method can be used for any colour you want.

Things we’ll cover in this post: what is ombre, how to mix ombre paint, how to measure your paint.

If you want to skip to the short tutorial version that you can PRINT OUT, scroll to the bottom of this post. I’ve included a printed, shorten version of the instructions.

I’ve had this dresser since I was a little girl. It’s solid wood and it was in great shape except the paint job was in desperate need of a refresh. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on paint and supplies though. paint an ombre effect

What is ombre?

Ombre is just a fancy word for shadow or shade. In the art and creative world, it refers to a blending of a colour from saturated to light. It’s a gorgeous effect and it can really make a piece of art or furniture look custom.

If you like ombre – check out my DIY Canvas Ombre Art project too! And my 2/3rds wall in my old office as a bit like an ombre – though it was definitely more of a harsh line than a blended approach.

So to get my ombre look, I just used one can of coloured paint and then some basic off-the-shelf premixed white paint. When mixing ombre paint, the most important thing to be aware of is the ratio. That’s it! It’s a good idea to practice on something with drawers, because the math is usually pretty easy to figure out.

The ratio you will use for your paint is always going to equal the number of drawers you have. So my dresser is three drawers high, so all my ratios equal three.

The bottom drawer is 0:3 white to pink paint (or 100% pink). The second is 1:2 white to pink and the third is 2:1 white to pink.

I mixed my paint using measuring cups from the dollar store and just some disposable bread pans. It made cleaning up the mess a lot easier.

For brushes, I used a basic foam roller. But you could also use a foam brush. Just make sure you prime prior to painting if you are covering over darker colours.

If you had four drawers, your ratio and measuring would look like: bottom drawer 4:0 colour to white, second drawer 3:1 colour to white, third drawer 2:2 colour to white, fourth drawer 1:3 colour to white. pink ombre dresser

See? Easy! And you can completely adapt this ombre effect to match other decor in your home and in your room!


diy pink ombre dresser tutorial

Paint Your Own Pink Ombre Dresser {TUTORIAL}

How to paint a pink ombre effect on a piece of furniture like a dresser. This is a great DIY decor idea for a girls' room or for a nursery. It's adaptable to any colour.


  • Disposible tins for mixing
  • Latex paint in colour of choice
  • Plastic measuring cups
  • Sand paper
  • Cloths for clean up
  • Foam Brushes


  1. Sand and wipe down your dresser and remove any hardware from the drawers.
  2. Prime and paint the body of the dresser in whatever colour you like - I chose white.
  3. To mix your paint, you want to divide your ratios by the number of drawers on your dresser. I used the full pink tint for the bottom level, then a 1:2 white:pink mix for the middle and a 2:1 white to pink mix for the top. You can mix the paint using measuring cups and your disposible tins.
  4. Let the paint dry. Seal with wax or Polycrylic if you like.
  5. Replace the hardware.

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