8 Best Wall Mounted Baby Changing Tables


When it comes to parenting, many newbies have to start thinking about how to come back to their daily activities while staying dedicated to their baby as much as possible. A wall-mounted baby changing table is one of the most helpful baby-related inventions.

Mainly because it can be found in public spaces, many offices, etc. At the same time, it is a space-saver in case you don’t have enough room for a nursery and big changing tables in your home.

Joggling between dirty diapers and everything else multiple times a day takes its toll. It is at this precise moment when you appreciate a wall-changing table and all of its benefits.

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In the following article, you’ll find some of the best wall mounting changing table options. So take a few minutes, read up, and find your ideal wall mounting changing table!

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Editor’s Pick: Koala Kare Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

There are several reasons for this choice. First of all, it is a recognizable brand that mostly has good reviews. It offers a variety of other baby products so you can easily match them up.

Take a look at our editor’s pick here.

Secondly, a vertical wall-mounted changing table is a better and more affordable space-saver if that is the main reason for the purchase.

And thirdly, it has all relevant features and uses recycled materials. A bit environment-friendlier than the others, you agree?

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1. Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

This is a very practical wall-changing table as it is easy to clean and comes in a modern design. The surface where you put your baby is concave-shaped, and the security of the child is provided by the safety belt.

Besides, this wall-mounted baby changing station comes with hooks from both sides, so you can put the bag with the diapers and other accessories close to the baby at all times.  The table has two dispensers (50 liners), and the coating is made from antimicrobial materials.

Take a closer look at the horizontal wall-mounted baby changing station here.

It can be a great asset mainly for the commercial restrooms (office, institutions, and so on), but it is very nice to have in your house. You might have an issue with the table’s weight at first, but once you put it up on the wall, you’ll see that it is stable and safe enough.

You will also get an instruction manual in multiple languages and all necessary hardware to mount the changing table without problems. The common dimensions are approximately 34in x 20in. 

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2. Baby Changing Station with EZ Mount Backer Plate

For those who are really into aesthetics, the baby changing table wall mounted with an EZ mount backer plate should be on the list. It has a sturdy construction, and since it is easy to install, it is a one-person job to do it.

Let me get back on the construction and design. This wall-mounted baby gate has hinges made fully of steel, and it can hold up to 350ibs weight, while its dimensions are 37.5in x 21in.

Check out the baby changing station with the EZ mount backer plate here.

This load capacity is above average, which means that it can be useful to your home for a longer time. However, the liners for the pre-built liner dispensers have to be purchased separately, which is not so common. 

In most cases, you’ll get a 5-year warranty with the product, which is a good deal, and like the previous wall-mounted baby changing table type, it has integrated hooks for personal and baby-related things.

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3. SafetyCraft Horizontal Surface Mount Changing Station

When you start scrolling through Walmart or Amazon under the ‘’ wall mounted baby changing table’’, your eye will catch the Safety Craft model for sure. 

This is a simply designed model, and if the manufacturer is to be trusted – it is also their best-seller when it comes to baby changing tables.

The materials used for the changing station are of high quality, and since you can install them effortlessly, it is a great way to reduce future strains on your back while changing diapers.

Check out all of the features here.

The surface is resistant to bacteria and it is easy to maintain clean. Still, if you find it a bit firm, you can always put a changing cover on it or make one for that matter (here are some DIY changing pad cover options for you).

When it comes to price, it is among the most affordable available choices, and you get the value for the price.

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4. Vertical Surface Mount Baby Changing Station

For those of us who are looking to save as much space as possible, the idea of having a vertically surfaced wall-mounted baby changing table seems ideal. 

The main reason is that they are usually so slim that once you close them, the amount of space it takes is almost unnoticeable.

The main thing you’d want to know before purchasing it tho is that it can’ handle a load heavier than 150ibs. On the other hand, it comes with the EZ mount backer plate (included in the purchase).

To learn more about this wall-mounted baby changing table click here.

If your toddler likes to move a lot while changing, then you should also note that the safety strap on this model can be adjusted with one hand. This is also an easy-to-install changing station, and you get all the parts within the order.

Among the baby changing tables wall mounted mentioned above, this one has the smallest dimensions – 19.50in x 32in.

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5. Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changing Station

Koala Kare changing tables are very popular. One of the main reasons is the fact they have put an effort in providing all relevant information and good packaging so once you make the purchase you don’t have to worry, the product will arrive unharmed.

The surface of the changing table is molded, and wider than the average (the dimensions are 35.5in x 22in). There are, of course, safety bells, and anti-bacterial protection which is extremely useful if your child likes to touch everything -most of them do.

If you want to know more about the price and other relevant features, follow this link.

One really nice thing, and it is not that common, is that you get the instructions (with the proper graphics) in the Braille language, plus the six other languages. 

The Koala Kare horizontal baby changing station has slow-opening hinges and bag hooks. The color you’ll most likely find it in is grey which allows you to match it with numerous styles.

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6. WilBee Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station

If you are living in a typical American house, then this wall mounting baby changing table is for you. It is even pointed out by the manufacturers that this model was made to fit this particular target group.  

Having this in mind, it makes sense why it can be mounted in the walls made of bricks, wood, or concrete since these are the most common materials used for building houses in the States.

Check the price, images, and other relevant information here.

The dimensions of this changing station are 33.6in x 22in and just like others, it is easy to mount it on the wall. It is said that this changing table is mostly used in commercial restrooms. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for space optimization in our homes (as long as it is built-in American style).

The safety straps and sturdy concave surface are already a standard when it comes to the horizontal wall mounting changing tables, thus for this one too.

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7. Modundry Fold Down Baby Changing Station

The Modundry Wall-Mounted Baby Changing table offers three types for purchase. It has two horizontal mounted types of different dimensions (32.28in x 21.65in, and 33.86in x 21.65in) and a vertical wall-mounted model 33.86in x 21.65in.

Unlike baby cribs with a changing table that take a lot of space, this wall-mounted baby mobile is a huge space saver. It also has a 90-degree folding which makes it perfect for the house bathrooms. 

The instructions for mounting are easy to follow as they come in a step-by-step manual. Take a look at the Modundry fold-down baby changing station here.

It comes in white color which is also great since it can easily fit all kinds of décor. The opening and closing mechanism consist of a concealed pneumatic cylinder. This prevents the fast closing of the table.

The surface used for a diaper change is made from durable and strong plastic, and although it is easy to clean, you might want to have a suitable cover. This way you will provide your kid more comfort.

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8. Koala Kare Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

As we already mentioned, Koala Kare is a well-known brand. In case you need a vertical wall mounting baby changing table, you should certainly take a look at their offer.

The most convenient thing about these wall-changing tables for babies is that you can open and close them with one hand. And the whole process is well controlled by the so-called ”hidden pneumatic gas spring mechanism”.

For more info about the Koala Kare vertical wall mounted changing table click here.

Another thing that differs it from other models mentioned here is the fact that 47% of the product is made from recycled materials.

This can be valuable for those who are not fond of plastic-related materials but are still forced to use them.  The dimensions are similar to the other abovementioned changing stations, 35.5in x 22in, and you’ll have no trouble installing it.

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Final thoughts about Wall Mounted Baby Changing Tables

There are so many baby changing units you can choose from.  Also, there are so many ideas for being playful enough to make your homemade changing table version of it.

Although we can discuss a wall-mounted baby changing table as an alternative to the changing table, it is, without a doubt, a practical solution.

Sometimes you’ll need more than a flat surface for the troublesome job of diaper changing, so you still might consider doing DIY changing table dresser projects. Or even simpler, DIY changing table topper ones.

If you are interested in learning more about the best changing table dresser options, look at this interesting overview.

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