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Seven things I learned in Seven weeks of KonMari

Inside: The seven major lessons we learned during a seven week blitz with the Konmari Method; everything from not needing as much stuff to how to actually let things go. 

PHEW! We did it! Seven weeks of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and we’ve made it and seen real results. But you’re here because you want to know what we’ve learned and how the experience played out for us.

Here are the Seven things I learned in Seven Weeks of KonMari

seven lessons in seven weeks of konmari


The rest of our Konmari Series

Seriously. It’s one thing to say I’m going to ‘declutter with intention’ – but if you intend to follow the KonMari method? You need the book. Kondo has some very specific instructions (and perspectives) on certain things that aren’t intuitive.
KonMari Clothes 4

You need buy in from every family member.

No sense in KonMari’ing your way to joy if the ‘other’ half of your closet is still a mess of T-Shirts from 1996. Nope. It won’t work and it won’t bring you joy. You need buy in from every family member, not only on the idea of decluttering, but also on the act of KonMari and the concept of joy. Without it, it won’t work. It also will help keep you on track as you declutter because if a spat occurs (not saying that happened to us… ummm….okay, maybe once or twice!) you can refer back to the book to settle the dispute. Decluttering with KonMari - Keeping it Simple

It’s basically impossible to do the whole house in one weekend unless you have a second house within which to temporarily sort your ‘donate’ and ‘ditch’ piles.

I don’t even know if I have to explain this. I honestly don’t know how Kondo gets people to do this over the course of one weekend. I just don’t know. Plan for longer. Saaaaay – seven weeks 🙂Decluttering Tools KonMari

Decluttering by category really does work.

I was skeptical. I admit it. Why can’t I just clean the office? Why can’t I just do the bedroom? Because Kondo (inexplicably) insists this doesn’t work. And she is (inexplicably) correct. I’ve never had such success until I decluttered by category. Searching high and low for every single last item in the whole house that fit one category and then piling them up embarrassingly on the floor (or lawn). Something about that act makes you understand the connection (or lack thereof) that you have with your things. Guys – inexplicable. But it totally works. Decluttering with KonMari

Your house WILL become easier to clean.

Less crap = less crap to clean. Simple enough. You’ll love it. Decluttered Paperwork Hutch with KonMari

It does become ‘fun’ at a certain point.

Might be an overstatement. Or a nerdy statement. But it does. If there’s buy in from the whole family, you can make a challenge out of it and it does become like a ‘team building exercise’ and it’s fun. KonMari the Kitchen and Finding Dog Treats

You’ll save money and you might get a little crazy and start something entirely new. 

Getting rid of things that don’t give you joy means you don’t buy things that won’t give you joy. This translates into buying fewer things and therefore saving money! For the rest of this statement, see below 🙂

Yes. Marie Kondo promises that after undergoing KonMari – your life’s path will become more clear. And so it did for us. KonMari has afforded us the time to reflect and grow and push forward to our next endeavour.

All this to say, we couldn’t have gotten to this point without KonMari 😉 It really, truly was a magical experience.

Still need more organization and decluttering inspiration? 

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Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

For the garage, I backed our 2 cars to the garage door and anything that was getting thrown out went right into the truck to be taken to the dump. Anything that was getting recycled to Goodwill went in the other car. This way it was out of the garage/house and ready to go. No turning back. No thinking twice. Really made a difference.

Natalie Casias

Sunday 17th of March 2019

I love KonMari! I found the book a year ago and the series on Netflix about 2 months ago! i agree that is is totally fun, life Changing and MAGIC 😁 I am addicted to making EVERYTHING junk free and organized, even my car!! The whole process has become a part of me now. It even changed the way I think about purchasing 🤔😆👏

Karen Kehler

Tuesday 19th of June 2018

I just discovered your site - love the graphics - photos -and personal reveals! I completed my "Kondo" process more than 2 years ago - and everything you shared was similar in my experience. FYI - I'm a professional counselor so I evaluated it through that filter. It is an amazing 'process' for women in 'transition' to do! I was divorced dealing with downsizing and my 'now' life (that's how I also edited) but it also is really helpful for those with Attention deficit, grieving and empty nesting! You 'finish' with an environment that absolutely reflects your OWN authentic self. It took me 5 months - 4 hours each weekend - and yes it is energizing and my new guy really helped with physically removing the 'stuff' - and he has implemented in his own home as well (for the 2 years - you can open up his T shirt drawers and tell!) What I relish in is how it really impacts housekeeping - cleaning - and having time to do OTHER stuff (reading!) because you're not looking at 'to do clutter'! and yes - you have to read the ENTIRE book - I can quickly tell when a person didn't! Great job! I will be linking to my site!


Monday 2nd of November 2015

Hello! I am visiting from the TDC linkup. Thanks for sharing your KonMari experience. I JUST finished the book last week and now I'm summoning my courage to tackle my house!! Good advice to get everyone in the home on board. I've got a hubby and four kids, so that is my next step :)


Wednesday 28th of October 2015

I know what you mean about the piles!! We did tackle our garage and now could put everything in there until we "ditch" it once and for all - but it would take one very energetic weekend to get through it all. I still feel like I have so far to go then the categories I have done, though. A continuing process! It was fun to be on this journey with you!

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