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Smart Home Gadgets to Save You Time

Inside: How to use Smart Home Devices to have a more productive day; plus the best smart home tech to integrate into your life and home decor.

I’m far from a tech blogger, and to be honest when the smart home trend hit, I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing. However, after a couple of years I’m on board in a big way. I have found that bringing smart home enabled devices into our house has reduced my inefficiencies and ramped up my productivity in unexpected ways.

Being that I’m not a tech blogger, I’m going to explain how I use smart home products around our house and how they blend in seamlessly with our lives. 

BTW – if you missed my post about my top 25 Productivity Hacks for Moms, check it out first! It will make all this Smart Home stuff seem less daunting! 

Best Smart Home Devices

First things first, you’ll need a smart hub. No matter what you’re doing that is creating automation, your smart devices need to talk to a home base. In our case, we use a hub and then have a few other devices paired up to our phones because we have both iPhone and Android in our house. 

Here’s a list of some of the best smart home devices (as reviewed by CNet)

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What can Smart Homes Do?

Basically, any device that is plugged into your home in some way can be turned into a ‘smart device’ that is controlled either by a central hub (as talked about above) or your mobile device via an app. 

It’s very George Jetson like. Most Smart Home devices are things that control in-home climate, lighting, sound and theatre, home security, and entertainment. A cool little factoid is that the realm of smart devices (as in anything that is physical and connected to a wifi network that work together) is referred to as The Internet of Things. Crazy eh? 

Beyond some of the more obvious products, there are some really niche smart home products on the market as well, such as smart trash cans that automatically open and close, smart refrigerators that will produce a recipe based on the contents of the fridge and even smart washer and dryer sets that will send you a text when it’s time to flip the load. 

Here’s an example of a very expensive Smart Fridge from Samsung. 

Easy Ways to Turn your Home into a Smart Home

Getting started might feel daunting, especially if you aren’t super techie. But the companies creating this technology make it so easy these days! Most devices are basically ‘plug and play’ and then react either to commands via a mobile app or voice commands. It’s just a matter of learning the commands and you’re off to the smart races 🙂 

Here are some of my fave smart home gadgets (some of which might be unexpected!)

Smart Home Devices

Turn your home into a Smart Home with these tech gadgets and devices that make your life easier and your work more productive!

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Monday 29th of April 2019

While I find smart products very cool the thought of someone listening all the time (the makers of Alexa admitted they have teams of people who listen all day even if you aren’t speaking to Alexa, recording your personal conversations) such an invasion of privacy! As well, my parents were looking at a smart fridge and the salesman told them not to use the smart features because they can be hacked so people can tell if you are home or not. Until these bugs are worked out I will sadly remain low tech! ☹️ Better safe than sorry!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.