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Spilling the Beans: Part Two


Remember last week, when we showed you the little vignette of upcoming projects? We left you with a few clues about our bigger plans? Well wait no more! Here’s what we’ve got cooking up (at least in our brains at the moment.)

It all has to do with light. We firmly believe that the type of light in a room impacts mood, feeling, and function. People like to live in natural light. We are hard-wired that way. So one day, while working away in the current blog studio, I got up to open the storm door to the garden room, breathed in and sighed “I wish I could work in all this light all the time…” And so was born our biggest, greatest and likely most costly idea to date.

Recall this photo from our last spilling the beans post.Spilling the beans 1

Untouched. Unfiltered. Possibly one of the best photos in the history of this blog. Why? Because the light in the garden room is near perfection.

Now – this is that exact same day, the exact same scene – no filters, no flash, nothing – from my current position at my desk in my studio adjacent the garden room.

Spilling the Beans 8Seriously. Guys. The light is being wasted on our ladder and recycling. Here’s that view with my flash on – not much better. You can still see how the light in the garden room is ideal… wonderful… warming… and totally, utterly wasted. Spilling the Beans 9Ever since this realization – I’ve pined for the light I can’t have! The door is the old back door to the house. So here is what we’ve come up with.

Our current floor plan of this half of the basement consists of three rooms – the studio/office, the laundry room and the garden room. The only difference here are the outside doors slide instead of swing (I couldn’t find the right element in this room planner to show that)… on the other side of those doors is an actual covered porch. Spilling The Beans 11

We want to make it all one amaze-balls space. This is our new, working floor plan.Spilling the Beans 12

We plan to rip down the load-bearing wall between the studio and the garden room to make them one big amazing, light-filled room. Then:

  • We’ll unify the flooring with natural materials – probably some sort of hardwood or barn board. Right now, it’s a mix of untreated sub flooring and concrete.
  • We’ll move the laundry room door to accommodate a new under-window counter. Eventually, we’ll get front loading machines to slide under that counter and replace the wash tub.
  • The far laundry room wall will be converted to wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage – likely PAX from Ikea.
  • The laundry room floors will be tiled and we will add some sort of door to keep it a separate space from the studio
  • The rest of the space will be free-flowing, allowing for project space, photography, plants, a reading nook – whatever!

We fully anticipate this project will evolve as we encounter the inevitable challenges. But we are both SO EXCITED about adding this space to our home. Some of the challenges we know we’ll face is insulating the garden room. It needs new floor joists, new walls, new sub flooring and an entirely new ceiling. We will also have to run electrical into that space because there’s nothing there now. We also know we’ll have to have a header installed with some extra support beams to take the place of the load bearing wall.

We have gathered some quotes on having some of the work done and our hope is to have it start in the New Year, so that we’ll be able to enjoy the view when spring time comes next year.

Beyond that, however, this project can be done in stages and evolve along with us.

So – what do you think? Is it time to live in the light? We think so 🙂


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