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My Inspiration for a Wrapping and Stationary Zone!

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bannerI am breathing the BIGGEST sigh of relief these days. With our guest room complete, our nursery basically ready for Froggy’s arrival and our back deck rehab well underway, I can finally start putting some finishing touches on….my Studio! I have a dream of getting it organized and all set, so that once the Baby comes – I’ll at least have a sweet space to create without the stress of having to ‘clean up’ before creating. Today, in conjunction with, I thought I’d show you my Inspiration for a Wrapping and Stationary Zone, plus a couple of my best tips for organizing.

I really only have Before Pictures of this corner of the room, but I expect it’ll only take two or three days to get it all spiffed up.Wrapping Nook BEFORE Wrapping Nook BEFORE 2

I’m still working on the last bits of the other side of the room! And I have plans to show you that…ummm… before the end of the year? haha Basically, we ripped down the dividing wall, installed barn board floors over the concrete, and brought in some floor to ceiling cabinetry.

This weird nook between the cement wall and the door to the covered porch is full of potential to be a wrapping paper station.

Tip Number One! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that paper and craft supplies need to be up off the floor and visible. For a long time, I had everything in tiny stacking boxes. And you know what? I’d forget what was in the boxes, and I’d head to the store and buy new stuff and end up with 8 million of the same thing. Big waste of time and money.

My plans for this space include bringing in a basic bookcase, painting an accent colour to tie it all into the rest of the space and using some basic office supplies I have on hand or can easily purchase to stash all my stuff. (Oh and I plan to KonMari the living daylights out of my craft and stationary first too!)

I already have the bookcase…so now I just need inspiration for everything else!Wrapping Paper Shelf BEFORE

Tip Number Two! You’ll notice that I’m a big fan of it is either clear or ‘open’. I don’t want to waste anymore cash-money on wrapping and craft supplies! It’s best if you can design your space so you can actually SEE what you have 🙂

Here are some of the supplies I’m considering to Simplify my Storage! If you’re looking for other options or more styles, check out all the Organizing products available at Wayfair 🙂

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