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How We Stay Cozy & Warm All Winter Long

Little life update for you. Do you know what’s the WORST? When it’s winter and your primary source of heat decides to just up and quit. Le. Ugh. This is what I’ve been wearing around the house for the last little while.

How We Stay Warm & Cozy All Winter Long

Our heat pump busted a part back in November and ever since then, we’ve been trying to come up with realistic ways to keep warm and cozy in the house.  We do have electric baseboard heaters in each room, but anyone who lives in our neck of the woods knows that winter heating bills can run 2X a mortgage during the average Canadian winter.

Sure, we could’ve covered all the windows in blankets and literally become hermits – but that wasn’t COZY to me.

What does cozy mean to you? I think we all have this ideal concept of cozy that includes blankets, pillows, a warm beverage and a book or Netflix. Am I right?

But cozy is more than just that. Ways to Get Cozy in Winter

You’ve got to start with your environment inside your house!

So here’s how we stay warm & cozy all winter long (while waiting for the heat pump part to miraculously show up from Timbuktu or wherever it is).

First things, we borrowed a couple of space heaters. One for our living room and one for my studio. They really take the chill out of the air and don’t need to be run all the time.

Secondly, have an array of exciting warm beverages. Yes. It’s cliche, but it works! I’ve been drinking a lot of tea (See above), and we frequently have hot cocoa when we watch a movie.

Beyond that, we decided to attack any and all drafts from doors and windows. Speaking of my studio – it is by far the most drafty room in our house. The wind whistles through the walls. One sunny day, we cleared out the space around the windows (and the sliding door).Clear out room before caulking

We thoroughly cleaned the window sills as best we could and loaded up our caulking gun with DAP’s Draft Attack.

DAP Draft Attack for our studio windows

Clean window seals before caulking

This particular kind of DAP is great for using on inside window seams. It dries clear and can easily be removed and replaced if the time comes. I don’t think we’ll even consider replacing it until the summer months. I rarely open these windows because it’s either too cold or too hot.

 There is another type of caulking (called DAP DynaFlex) that can be used on the external part of the window, but we waited too long and it was too cold outside for it to adhere properly. So we’ll do that part up when we tackle the deck and siding in the spring.

Dan researched a bit before we did this to make sure that we were taking advantage of any and all tricks! We learned a couple! When applying a sealant or caulk, it’s best to start in a corner and push it away from you to get an even bead. Who knew?! It worked really well.

Apply caulking in an upward motion

DAP dries clear

We did both windows and around the sliding door and let it dry for a couple of hours. It was noticeable how much warmer the studio was without all those drafts! Add in my little shop space heater and it’s been cozy enough in there for me to actually complete a furniture flip! (Coming soon… still gotta get some photos of it!)

We finished up by doing this in all our bathrooms (NO one wants a cold bathroom!!) and in the sunroom. Amazing. Such an inexpensive and easy way to save on heating bills and stay cozy. In fact, we compared our heating bills – and even though our main furnace is broken this year, our bill is 10% less!! Stay Cozy with Blankets

Of course I had to cozify the whole house by adding plush blankets and throws to each room. If loving this faux fur throw is wrong, I don’t want to be right 😉

Here’s to cozy and warm nights for the rest of the winter! (And hoping that our heat pump part gets delivered soon!!)

And for more details on how you can make your home cozy by attacking drafts – check out the DAP Canada webpage or you can follow them on Twitter!

How We Stay Warm & Cozy All Winter Long Even After our Furnace Quit on Us

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Sarah @ Little Red Brick House

Friday 15th of January 2016

It really is amazing how much trouble a few small drafty seams can cause. Glad to see that y'all got everything fixed up good. And, yes, a good hot drink is a must!

Cassie @ Little Red Window

Thursday 14th of January 2016

So many great ideas, I had no idea they even remade removable caulk but I'm totally buying some now! Thanks for linking up with The DIY Collective, come back and visit us again next week! xo! Cassie


Tuesday 12th of January 2016

Wow, no furnace! I would not be able to do that but you look pretty cold-- in your photos.

Jill Flory

Monday 11th of January 2016

I feel ya! We lived without a furnace for over 15 years. Two wall gas heaters were the main heat we had for years. I hated how cold it got - we used a gas ran space heater in an unfinished laundry room to keep that room warm so the rest of the house would stay warmer one really cold winter. Small electric heaters in the bedrooms helped a bit. We eventually installed a corn burner in the living room and used it for about 7 years. When the natural gas furnace was installed just a few years ago and hot air started pumping through the ductwork I almost cried with joy! And I am so thankful every time I push that button on my thermostat! Hoping your heat pump is soon up and running again!!

DIY Passion

Tuesday 12th of January 2016

Wow! Jill! That's a long time to live with a patchwork solution... We are considering a wood stove for our basement area too... maybe in a few years :) Thanks for the kind words xoxo

Ashley ~ 3 Little Greenwoods

Monday 11th of January 2016

We have a large house and with all this space comes some pretty high power bills. Thanks so much for reminding me to block out the winter with DAP!

Stay warm!

DIY Passion

Tuesday 12th of January 2016

Thanks for the comment Ashley!

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